Top 5 Benefits of Cross-platform Fantasy Game App Development

Stepping into the vast market like fantasy game development is a significant decision. To make the most out of it, you must emphasize creating an innovative and powerful fantasy game app. But what makes the fantasy game app lead towards success? Amongst various aspects, choosing the right platform or OS plays a crucial role in the success of your fantasy game app. You have different options for the platform, which include Native, Hybrid, and Cross-platform. While creating an app for a specific platform like Android or iOS may be a cost-effective option, recently, cross-platform has been gaining the attention of an increasing number of enterprises and game developers. Cross-platform mobile app development facilitates enterprises to create robust apps that can run on various platforms, which eventually helps reach a much larger audience. 

When it comes to fantasy game app development, choosing a cross-platform development approach proves to be highly advantageous. From time-saving to improved business reach, you will witness plenty of advantages by creating a cross-platform fantasy game app. This blog will get you acquainted with five of these most promising benefits in detail so that you can make the right choice.  

What is Cross-platform App Development? 

Cross-platform app development is the process of developing a single app that can run on different platforms/OS, without having to develop separate applications for each platform. Developing fantasy game apps with a cross-platform approach requires a class of software media to develop games from the general code and art assets. It allows game developers to work in a single code base, and use SDKs, software libraries, transformers, etc. to create platform-specific game components. Simply put, developers can code once and publish everywhere. 

How Cross-platform Fantasy Game Development is Beneficial for Your Business? 

Cross-platform app development can be beneficial for your fantasy sports venture in a number of ways, such as below:

Cost-effective Solution 

As mentioned above, cross-platform app development is based on the idea of “write once and run everywhere”. The reusable codes and tools for agile app development make the app development process more affordable. Also, it is cost-effective to improve the app on diverse platforms and tools. 

Fast Development 

Fantasy game app development is much faster when you can deploy a single script. Cross-platform facilitates you the same. The increased development speed helps you reduce the time to market and launch the app much faster than your competitors. Moreover, you can utilize the saved time in other crucial aspects such as promotion and marketing. 

Expand Your Reach

Cross-platform allows you to create and deploy apps for multiple platforms, which means you target a larger audience. You can create a single app and run it on different platforms, including both iOS and Android. Therefore, you can maximize your reach to both markets. 

Easy Deployment and Maintenance 

Deployment and maintenance are quite easy when you build a fantasy game app with cross-platform development. You create a single app that runs on multiple platforms, which means it is quite easier to make changes and maintain it. The updates can be quickly synchronized on all the platforms and devices. This saves a good deal of time and money. Moreover, if you detect a bug in the common code base, you can easily fix it.  

Seamless Cloud Integration 

Cross-platform game apps are fully compatible and can leverage various plugins integrated into the cloud setting. It is easy to coordinate a single code with various extensions and plugins in order to boost an app’s scalability and functionality.

How Can You Develop a Cross-platform Fantasy Game App? 

You need the best game engine to develop a robust and engaging fantasy game app cross-platform. 

Game Dev Engines 

Game engines come with the best 2D and 3D game development frameworks, making your job easier and efficient.   

Unity Engine & Unity 

Unity Engine is the most popular game engine enabling you to create engaging game apps for various genres. It offers a visual scripting engine for creating optical game components that can be used on different hardware. If you don’t want to use C++ code, Unity Engine can be your best bet. When it is about cross-platform game development, Unreal Engine needs a specific setup. You have to install SDKs separately for each platform. You can also consider using Unity as it requires an easy setup for cross-platform development. 


CryEngine is another popular game engine that comes with stunning visuals. For cross-platform game development, you require modifying the code directly. 


GameMaker Studio

GameMaker Studio is a user-friendly game engine. You just need to point and click to create game elements. Though it has limited functionalities, it is best suitable for mobile game development.  

How Betfoc can Help with Cross-platform Fantasy Game Development?

Betfoc is a leading mobile game development company that specializes in developing high-quality game apps for various genres, including fantasy sports, board games, card games, and more. Our developers have expertise in fantasy game app development using cross-platform technology. We can assist you in creating a feature-pact and engrossing cross-platform fantasy sports app that can get you desired success. 

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