Things You Must Know About Fantasy Kabaddi Software Development

Things You Must Know About Fantasy Kabaddi Software Development

There has been tremendous growth in the fantasy sports market in the past few years. In fact, by 2027, the global market for fantasy sports is anticipated to be $48.6 billion, registering a CAGR of 13.9% between 2021 to 2027. Of course, different sports have their crucial contribution to this overall market growth. One such notable sport is Kabaddi. Having its roots in India, Kabaddi is getting increasingly popular, which is the reason it has managed to contribute to the fantasy sports market growth. More and more fans are inclined to enjoy Pro Kabaddi Leagues in a different form that is fantasy Kabaddi. Considering this fact, it is an intelligent choice to invest in fantasy sports software development. This blog post will provide you with all the required information for creating the best fantasy sports kabaddi software or app. 

What is Fantasy Kabaddi Software? 

Fantasy kabaddi software is a platform where kabaddi fans can draft their own kabaddi team and play alongside the actual team while tracking the live statistics of the real kabaddi match. Players can also join public leagues or create their own leagues with other players or their friends. Overall, fantasy kabaddi platforms offer a novel and unmatched gaming experience to the kabaddi fans by allowing them to make online predictions by choosing a virtual team of actual players.

Scope of Fantasy Kabaddi Software Development

  • According to a research report, since 2015, the interest in Kabaddi has increased by 14% year over year. 
  • The fan following for the Pros Kabaddi League has increased by 33%, making Kabaddi the second-most watched and popular league on television in India.  
  • Moreover, the Indian fantasy kabaddi industry is anticipated to grow at INR 118.8 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 22.1%.

All the above statistics are enough to prove the immense scope of fantasy kabaddi app development. Also, seeing the growing popularity of Kabaddi events like Pro Kabaddi League, many sponsors are inclined to invest money in fantasy kabaddi platforms. Therefore, developing and launching a feature-pact fantasy kabaddi software or app will prove to be lucrative.

Must-have Features for Fantasy Kabaddi Software

Features will have a huge role in the success of your fantasy kabaddi software. You must include all the crucial as well as engaging features in the software or app to attract and engage a good deal of players. Here is a list of some most important features for fantasy kabaddi software. 

User Panel Features 

  • Easy Sign-in/Registration 

A sign-up process with too many fields may frustrate users and make them leave the software. Therefore offer an easy login and sign-up process so that users can start their game quickly. 

  • Join/Create Contests 

Users can either choose to join existing contests or create their own. They can create custom contests by following a few simple steps. 

  • Dashboard 

With a dedicated dashboard, users can update their profile information as and when they need it. Also, they can track and manage other information like account information, transactions, winning amounts, and more. 

  • Multiple Payment Modes 

Allow users to deposit contest fees with their choice of payment modes, such as digital wallet, debit card/credit card, UPI, net banking, and so on. 

  • Leaderboards 

Participants can check leading players along with their ranking, scores, and other details. This helps players stay updated about the game competition. 

  • Refer and Earn

Users can earn some bonus amount by successfully referring your fantasy kabaddi app to their friends.

  • Social Media Sharing 

Participants can share their achievements, scores, or other aspects with their followers/friends on various social media channels.  

Admin Panel Features 

  • Admin Login 

To ensure secure operations, the admin panel must have a login system. Admin needs to log in to access various aspects of the platform. 

  • User Management 

Admin should be able to manage users and their details effortlessly. Admin can edit, add, active, or delete users’ accounts. 

  • Dashboard

Admin can check various details such as match statistics, upcoming matches, total revenue, participants number, and more on a comprehensive dashboard. 

  • Reports Management 

Admin can generate, view, and edit different types of reports related to the total earning, contest, team statistics, player ranking statistics, and more. 

  • Contests Management 

Admin can view, edit, activate, or deactivate the different contests on the platform. 

  • Rewards Management

Admin can offer interesting rewards to the players on their achievements or successful referral. Admin can also manage all the rewards. 

  •  CMS

There should be an easy-to-use content management system integrated into the software. Admin can easily update different types of content on the platform, such as the about us page, news, and more.

 Additional Features 

  • Live Streaming 
  • Live Scores
  • Live Chat
  • Challenge Friends
  • Real-time Updates 
  • Push-notifications 

How to Build a Fantasy Kabaddi Software

Check out some important steps to build an engaging and robust fantasy kabaddi software and make it successful. 


Research proves to be most helpful when starting a digital business, like fantasy sports. You have to study the entire fantasy sports and kabaddi market carefully to be successful with your fantasy kabaddi platform. During this research, try finding answers to some important questions, like: 

Who will be your competitors? 

What strategies competitors are using for user acquisition, retention, and engagement? 

What are the needs and expectations of your target audience?

How can you build a more unique platform than competitors? 

What are the latest technology trends in the fantasy sports area?


Once you have done thorough research, it is time to plan everything about your fantasy kabaddi software project. In this phase, you decide and plan your goals, requirements, budget, target audience, development partner, and many other aspects. This will help you ensure the seamless execution of your fantasy kabaddi business idea. 

Design and Development

When designing a fantasy sports software or app ensure to use intuitive design components so that users won’t get confused and frustrated. The interface should be user-friendly yet eye-catchy enough to attract and retain users. 

When it comes to development, make sure your team writes scalable code. You must choose the technology stack carefully in order to build a scalable and engaging fantasy kabaddi platform. Below is the most common technology stack used for building fantasy sports applications:

Backend: PHP, NodeJs.

Database: MongoDB, MYSQL.

Frontend: PHP, ReactJs, Angular.

Other Programming Languages: Android, iOS, Swift, Flutter, React Native, Ionic.

API:  iSPORTS API, Google APIs, FantasyData, RapidAPI, 

Marketing and Promotion

Only launching a feature-pact platform won’t be enough to be successful with your idea. You must put equal efforts into the marketing and promotion of your fantasy kabaddi platform. Decide and implement the most effective marketing strategies like SEO, social media marketing, etc. for higher user acquisition and retention rates. Also, implement the best monetization strategies like freemium, subscriptions, ads, etc. to generate adequate revenue with your platform. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Fantasy Kabaddi Software?

Cost is one of the crucial aspects when it is about a big project like fantasy sports app development. The cost to develop a fantasy kabaddi software varies depending on several things like 

  • Platform/OS (web, iOS, Android, or Cross-platform)
  • Number of features
  • Functionality
  • Location of the developers
  • Development hours 

However, you must be prepared to spend somewhere between $30,000 to $50,000 to develop a feature-rich and robust fantasy kabaddi software. 

Ready to Develop an Innovative and Engaging Fantasy Kabaddi Software?

Developing a fantasy sports platform is a big investment. You must have detailed knowledge of the fantasy kabaddi software development to make most of your investment. What more you need is assistance from experts in this area. Betfoc is one of the leading fantasy sports app development companies providing the most advanced solutions. We develop scalable and interesting fantasy sports software and apps packed with excellent features and functionality. We can provide you with end-to-end solutions to bring your fantasy sports business idea into reality and make it a huge success.

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