Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance Services

Providing Thorough, Professional QA Services


Quality Assurance And Software Testing

Betfoc is one of the leading custom software development companies offering top-grade software quality assurance services. Our professionals are well-versed in different testing and QA techniques, which empowers us to deliver high-quality software testing services. Based on their unique products and testing requirements, we provide clients with custom QA testing solutions. Be it API, web, software or mobile app QA testing, we can meet all your QA and testing needs with quality service.

Betfoc offers end-to-end software quality assurance and testing services to help businesses get predictability, boost performance, and attain higher ROI. Our established testing and QA services let you stay ahead in the complex technology landscape.

With our thorough testing process, we ensure that your software matches all the requirements in terms of usability, security, efficiency, correctness, performance, and completeness. We help you make your software and apps perfect and worthwhile for the end-users.

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    Why Betfoc for Quality Assurance?

    • Industry-proven Tools
    • Proven QA and Testing Experience
    • Custom Test Strategies
    • Quality Results
    • Skilled QA Professionals
    • End-to-end Testing

    Our Quality Assurance Services

    We specialize in providing a range of testing and QA services as per diverse client’s requirements. With our professional testing solutions and services, you can overcome the current testing challenges and ensure the best performing software product.

    • Functional Testing

      We perform advanced-level QA functional testing that aims at detecting functionality defects and preventing problematic behaviors in your software to ensure that it matches end-user expectations for functionality.

    • Usability Testing

      We are experts at testing software and apps for usability. We use UX research methods and the best usability testing tools to measure the user-friendliness and flexibility of your application.

    • Acceptance Testing

      We help you test the software’s compliance with your business requirements, using different acceptance testing methods such as Black box, Alpha & Beta, Regular and Operational testing.

    • Scalability Testing

      With the right tools and techniques, we can help you test your software application in terms of its ability to scale up or scale down different performance measure attributes.

    • Manual Testing

      We have got ample experience in performing manual tests on different software and web, mobile, and desktop applications. With our thorough manual testing service, we identify and fix bugs and errors and ensure compliance of your software with regulatory standards.

    • Automated Testing

      We use robust tools like selenium, Katalon Studio, and Appium to perform end-to-end automated software testing on mobile, web, and desktop apps that let you improve product quality and cut down overall testing times.

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    What is Quality Assurance Testing?

    Quality assurance testing is the process used to identify the problems in a software product. The quality assurance refers to the activities performed to ensure project’s confirmation of stakeholders’ expectations. The testing process contributes to exploring the software and identifying defects. Testing controls the quality and quality assurance assures the quality. 

    Do you have a dedicated QA engineer?

    Yes, we have in-house experienced QA engineers.

    Do you Test Mobile Apps?

    Yes, we also offer app iOS, android, and web app testing services. 

    Do you perform both automated and manual testing?

    Yes, we offer both manual and automated testing services. 


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