Online Lottery Software Development

Online Lottery Software Development

Advanced Lottery Software Solutions to Get You Competitive-edge


Online Lottery Software Development Solutions

Are you looking to start an online lottery business? Your first and most important step is to acquire a powerful online lottery software that can attract players and retain them. Betfoc is a well-known iGaming agency that provides industry-leading and ultra-modern online lottery software development solutions. We can help you get a high-performing, feature-rich, and scalable online lottery software that can produce unrivaled revenue.

Our lottery software solution comes with excellent gaming content and robust back-office support. We cover a range of exciting lottery games including Lotto. Keno system, 5/90, Bingo, Raffles, Mass Cash, and more. Multiple games mean you can attract maximum customers and keep them engaged for a long time on your lottery platform.

Our software solutions include customized themes that help you offer a land-based lottery game feel to the players. We also emphasize making the platform highly secure by using advanced security mechanisms. You can ensure robust security and confidentiality of players' data.

Betfoc team understands the unique business goals and software needs of different clients. Considering this, we provide clients with highly personalized lottery software solutions. Whether you want to integrate additional games or design a brand-specific UI, we can meet all your unique requirements.

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    Why Choose Betfoc for Online Lottery Software Development?

    • Licensed and Certified Games
    • Dedicate Backend Support
    • Proven Industry Experience
    • Experienced Developers
    • Client-focused Working
    • Cost-efficient Solutions

    Major Features of Our Online Lottery Software

    Our online lottery software comes with many excellent features that boost user engagement.Check out key highlights of our lottery platform:

    • Random Number Generator

      We integrate a robust and advanced random number generator system to ensure a fair and seamless gameplay experience. This enhances your platform credibility and helps you retain maximum players.

    • Different Lottery Pools and Contests

      Our lottery software enables players to join different types of lottery pools and contests as per their interests. This enhances gameplay fun and helps engage a huge number of players on your platform.

    • Analytics

      Players can download a detailed analytics report about their gameplay, achievements, transactions, etc. to plan effective gameplay strategies. With perfect analysis and planning, players can make the most out of their gameplay.

    • Wallet System

      Our software supports an online wallet system that enables players to do seamless transactions. Players can use a single online wallet for playing various lottery games. This brings convenience for players.

    • Multiple Payment Gateways

      Besides the wallet system, we integrate multiple and secure payment options so that players can make payments effortlessly. Having different payment options ensures less abandonment and a high retention rate.

    • Personalized SMS Alerts

      You can keep players updated about the important updates about the lottery games, such as winners declaration, fund deposit, fund withdrawal, etc. by sending them customized SMS. with this feature, you can ensure better player engagement.

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    What is online sports betting?

    In simple terms, sports betting refers to the activity of predicting the results of a sports event and placing a bet on the outcome, using the internet. Bettors place wagers using sportsbook software/website/app without having to go outside or stadium. 

    What are the different types of betting?

    There are numerous types of bets placed on different sports. However, below are the most popular bet types in online sports betting: 

    1. Parlay Bets
    2. Straight Bets 
    3. Full Cover Bets 
    4. Over/Under Bets
    5. Future Bets
    6. Money Line Bets
    7. Handicap bets 
    8. Head to Head Bets
    9. Teaser Bets 
    10. Pleaser Bets

    What are the benefits of betting online?

    Online sports betting has made everything easier and exciting. Below are some more advantages one can experience when betting online. 

    • Payment convenience
    • More freedom and comfort  
    • Large and unlimited game options
    • Fewer Bet Limitations 
    • Access to worldwide Sportsbook

    requires a separato subscription, it’s extremely useful Orchestration helps in the automation of tasks based on servers, hardware, remote
    services and many more and renders business processes quickly and efficiently.

    What states in the US have legalized sports betting?

    Currently, 22 states have legalized sports betting. A few more states may legalize betting in upcoming years.

    Is online sports betting safe?

    Well, certain risks will be there when using the internet for any activity be it sports betting or just searching. However, by choosing a reliable and right sportsbook platform you can ensure high information safety and avoid betting scams. We offer clients with highly-secure software that includes advanced security mechanisms and tools. 

    How to choose the best sports betting software provider?

    When choosing the software provider, you must look into the blow aspects, 

    • Present licensing information
    • Major highlights of the sportsbook software
    • Contact info such as phone, email, or live chat
    • Payout and deposit facility 
    • Payment gateways 
    • Dedicated support policy 
    • Excellent and genuine reviews 
    • Team of talented professionals 
    • Confidentiality and security policy 

    Do you also offer customized sports betting software solutions?

    Yes, we do offer 100% customized sports betting software solutions as per your business requirements and needs, be it regarding UI/UX design, or functionality. 

    How many bet types does your software support?

    Our software solution covers all the major betting types including live/in-play betting, straight, in-cover, parlay, and more.

    How many sports do you cover in the betting software or website?

    We cover all the major sports and events in our software including hockey, cricket, tennis, baseball, rugby, and more.

    Do you offer sports betting app development solutions?

    Yes, we do offer sports betting app development solutions to help you reach the maximum users using smartphones and other mobile devices. 

    Is there a sports betting software solution for quick market entry?

    Yes, we also provide white label sports betting software solution that helps you to quickly enter the market and kick-start your business within a matter of days. 

    Does your sports betting software have CMS integration?

    Yes, we offer feature-rich sports betting software to you that supports CMS and other essential business tools.

    Will I have rights to intellectual property?

    Yes, we give the rights to intellectual property, be it regarding the source code or anything you need.


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