Most Important Traits of a Successful Fantasy Sports App

Do you know that the fantasy sports app, Dream 11, has recorded around 180 crore profit in 2020? It is one of the most popular online fantasy gaming platforms. But what makes it successful? It takes a lot of things to create a robust fantasy sports app and turn it into a profitable business. If you are planning to invest in fantasy sports app development, then you must understand ways to make the most out of it. Features play a crucial role in making your fantasy game app stand unique and successful. Your app must contain all the essential as well as advanced features that attract people and keep them hooked. 

As the fantasy sports market is highly competitive, it is challenging for new apps or websites to stay ahead and outperform. Nowadays, fantasy sports players seek exciting features and enhanced gaming experiences. Therefore, it is essential to stay up to date with all the emerging trends and accordingly add a range of innovative and useful features into your fantasy sports app. This helps you stay on top of users’ expectations and overcome other challenges. With feature-pact applications, you can acquire a good deal of audience as well as outperform the immense competition. 

So, let us have a glance at some of the most amazing features of a fantasy sports app that lead to success. 


Competitive environments encourage players to improve their gameplay and keep playing. Leaderboard helps you keep the competitive spirit alive by allowing users to check top players, highest scores, and other crucial information about the game competition. Your app must offer advanced and comprehensive leadership boards displaying information about leading players and the scoring scenario. With this, users can stay up to date with all the gameplay details and get inspired.   

Live Data Feeds

Data feeds can prove to be a game-changer for your fantasy sports app. With the data feed, you can provide real-time updates and scoring details to the players while ensuring full transparency on the app about winners. It empowers your app to update the player roster according to their off-field behavior and on-field performance. The ability to track the performance of their virtual teams and check the live feeds of real matches entices users to keep using your app or be loyal users. This feature requires you to partner with the most reliable data feed provider. You can include both integrated and manual data feeds.

Multiple Draft Types 

Different users will have different choices and strategies when it comes to drafting players. Your fantasy app must be able to cater to the needs of all such players by offering them different draft options. You can include multiple draft types into your app, including quick drafts, salary drafts, live draft, auction draft, auto draft, pick’ems draft, offline draft, and more. This enables users to draft players as per their interests, which eventually improves their gaming experience. 

Achievement Badges

Rewarding players with achievement badges is one of the proven ways for improving user retention on fantasy sports apps. You can assign interesting badges to users about their game achievements to keep them encouraged. Having badges assigned to their profile encourage users to return to your app and continue the game. You can also enable them to share their badges on social media channels, which not only enhances gaming fun but also helps attract new users. 

Multiple Payment Modes 

It is impossible that all the users will be able to use the same payment gateway. When users don’t find their preferred payment mode they will surely leave your app. Thus, make sure your fantasy app offers multiple payment gateways. Also, they should be easy to use and secure. This helps you avoid a high abandonment rate and improve players’ experience. Users can make payments through their choice of the gateway without any glitch and kick-start the game.  

Daily, Weekly & Season Long Formats Support 

Your fantasy sports app must support different game formats, including daily, weekly, and season-long, in order to attract and engage players with diverse interests. This will not help attract the maximum number of users but also keep them engaged. 

Multilingual Support 

If you are planning to target users from across the world to your fantasy sports app, then multilingual support is a must. Players from different countries or geographical regions should be able to access your app seamlessly with their convenient language. Facilitate users to choose their preferred language before getting started so that they can understand every functionality and play hassle-free. 

Social Media Sharing

Social media sharing is the most crucial feature helping you to improve user retention, acquisition, and app presence on the Internet. Allow users to share their game achievements and accomplishments with their followers/friends on different social media platforms. This boosts users’ confidence in their skills and entices them to play more. Not only this, but the achievements of existing users shared on social media attract other players towards your app. With social media integration, you give users the opportunity to build a fantasy sports community.  

Multiple Sports and Leagues 

Developing a fantasy sports app specifically for one sport won’t give you enough user base. From soccer to tennis to cricket to baseball, your fantasy sports must support all the prominent sports and leagues. This will help you acquire a massive number of users having different sports interests. 

Multiple Devices Compatibility

Not just the gaming content, but compatibility is also a significant aspect in improving user retention for your fantasy sports platform. Make sure your app is compatible with different devices so that you don’t lose out on a huge number of users. Be it mobile or tablet or desktop, users of any device should be able to access your app easily and enjoy a seamless gaming experience. 

Develop a Successful Fantasy Sports App with Betfoc  

All the above traits have a significant role in the success of fantasy sports platforms. An experienced fantasy sports app development company like Betfoc can help you develop a feature-pact fantasy sports app. Betfoc is one of the renowned names in the fantasy sports software development market providing top-grade solutions. Our talented fantasy sports developers can assist you in developing high-performing apps and software based on your idea and requirements. We can also help you to reach the target audience and get an excellent retention rate by implementing the best strategies. 

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