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Lottery Pool Software

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Lottery Pool Software Provider

Do you want to start an online lottery business or grow the existing one? Betfoc can help you attain your specific goals by providing you with high-performing lottery technology solutions like lottery pool software. Lottery pool software proves to be beneficial for both players and lottery operators. It offers an unmatched lottery gaming experience and improved betting odds to the players. Also, operators can efficiently manage overall aspects of their online lottery business, including players, gaming activities, etc.

We are renowned for developing and delivering scalable and high-quality lottery software development solutions that help clients stay ahead in the market. With our exclusive online lottery pool software, you can acquire more players and generate excellent revenue for your business.

We ensure to offer multi-platform compatible lottery software so that you can attract and retain users having different devices, such as desktop, mobile, tablet, and more. Our developers emphasize adding advanced security features to ensure the high security and safety of customers when using your platform.

Betfoc understands your specific business goals and requirements and accordingly provides you with on-demand customization flexibility. Be it user interface or third-party integration, our professionals will help you with each customization requirement.

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    Why Choose Betfoc for Lottery Pool Software?

    • Vast Industry Experience
    • Cost-effective Solutions
    • On-demand Customization
    • Excellent Lottery Games
    • 100% Transparency
    • Secure and Scalable Platform

    Major Features of Our Lottery Pool Software

    Our lottery pool software offers all the essential and engaging features that help you retain a huge number of players.

    • Multiple Payment Gateways

      Payment convenience is the most important aspect of online lottery. Therefore, we integrate multiple reliable payment gateways into our lottery pool software. Players can select their preferred payment mode and do transactions easily.

    • Create/Manage Lottery Pool

      Our online lottery pool software enables players to form and manage the lottery pools. They can create pools with multiple lottery players according to their choice. This enhances players’ gaming experience.

    • Lottery Pool Management

      We incorporate an advanced lottery pool manager system in our lottery pool software. This allows you to manage multiple players from different lottery pools, their gaming activity, and other aspects quite seamlessly.

    • Ticket Verification

      Our online lottery pool software allows quick verification and reporting of lottery tickets to the members of different lottery pools. This happens ASAP after the lottery draw. This ensures secure gameplay.

    • RNG System

      Besides ticket verification, we also integrate a robust random number generator system to ensure fair and safe gameplay for all the players joining various pools. This helps boost players’ trust and retain them on your platform.

    • Activity Updates

      Our lottery pool software automatically provides players updates about the latest pool activities. This makes admins' tasks easier and helps keep players well-informed about the lottery pool updates.

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    What is a lottery pool?

    A lottery pool enables players to get better odds without having to pay more money. In this, a group of players pools their money collectively to get lottery tickets. If any of their purchased tickets wins they split the amount. 

    What type of lottery games does your lottery pool software support?

    Our lottery pool software supports a range of popular lottery games including Lotto, Bingo, Keno, Raffel, Mystery Boxes, and more. 

    What are the additional features of your lottery pool software?

    Our lottery pool software comes with more interesting features, such as

    • Social Media Sharing
    • Automated Notification 
    • Locked Tickets 
    • Cryptocurrency Support
    • Multilingual Support 
    • Admin Dashboard 
    • Lottery Draw Live Streaming 

    Do you provide white-label lottery pool software?

    Yes, we also provide a white-label lottery software solution that lets you enter the market within a few days and build a unique business identity.

    Will you offer maintenance and support?

    Yes, we will offer maintenance and support. 


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