Legacy System Modernization

Legacy System Modernization

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Legacy System Modernization Services

Are you facing technology constraints with your business software? Unable to satisfy growing customer expectations with your legacy system? If yes, it's time to look for an expert modernization solution. Betfoc being one of the leading custom software development companies provides businesses with top-tier legacy system modernization solutions. We can help you update and optimize your legacy software with a proven process to improve operational efficiencies, fulfill customer expectations, and overcome technology constraints.

We have a highly experienced team of software professionals specializing in legacy system modernization services. With our skilled team and hands-on experience, we can assist you in revamping your core IT infrastructure to meet growing business demands and alleviate future risks.

Our advanced modernization solutions help you deliver to end-users be it customers or employees, which eventually results in business improvement. Some of the crucial aspects of legacy modernization service include adoption of the modern tech stack, digital trends, SaaS-based business model, and more.

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    Why Choose Betfoc for Legacy System Modernization?

    • Experienced Software Professionals
    • Project Confidentiality
    • Timely Updates
    • Extensive Industry Experience
    • Advanced and Scalable Solutions
    • Proven Methodology

    Our Legacy System Modernization Solutions

    We provide a full range of legacy system modernization solutions to meet your business challenges and attain your specific goals.

    • Visual Redesign

      Betfoc offers the best UX/UX modernization solutions that help provide more dynamic and user-centric experiences and boost customer engagement. Our team designs, optimizes, tests, implements, and modernizes user interfaces for various legacy systems and applications.

    • Code Transformation

      Our software modernization specialists help in modifying the code and updating earlier versions of PHP, Java, Ruby, .NET, JavaScript, Objective-C, and more programming languages to meet your unique business needs.

    • Integration Modernization

      We are experienced in creating, and implementing integration platforms as a service solution (iPaaS). We enable clients to transform data to the web or cloud and automate their business processes.

    • Legacy Application Migration

      We provide top-notch application modernization services that include enhancements of existing systems with advanced solutions such as mobile, web, AI, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and more.

    • Cloud Migration

      We help you migrate your IT infrastructure, processes, and applications to the secure cloud and bridge the gap between your business demands and IT capacity. With our cloud migration service, you can alleviate the infrastructure costs and increase its responsiveness.

    • Legacy System Migration

      Betfoc offers advanced legacy system migration services including manual migrations. We also help you transform the languages like COBOL, Pascal, and RPG to newer, popular frameworks and languages such as.NET and Java.

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