Everything You Need to Know About Live Cricket Score App Development

Originated in south-east England Cricket is the second most loved sport that has been ruling over the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Fans enjoy live Cricket matches in the stadium or on their TV screens. However, technology has given the theme novel and convenient way to enjoy Cricket. Mobile app development technology has a major role in cricket enthusiasts’ increased convenience. Mobile apps prove to be their biggest savior in the busy lifestyle. Cricket Line Guru is an excellent example of a live cricket score app offering fast and precise updates to fans. 

Seeing the increasing popularity of Cricket Line Guru, many entrepreneurs and businesses are inclined to create apps like this. Developing an exciting and engaging live Cricket score app like Cricket Line Guru can surely be a profitable business idea. But, this requires you to have an in-depth understanding of this app niche. 

This blog will help you understand all the key aspects of the live Cricket score app development and will make your journey way easier. 

The Scope of Live Cricket Score App

  • Cricket is one of the most popular sports across the world with over 2.5 billion fans. 
  • In 2019, the Cricket market revenue was 266 Million USD and is expected to reach 328 Million USD in 2025, with a CAGR of 3.55% between 2021-2025. 

This clearly means the cricket market is ever-green and has plenty of business opportunities to grab. Thanks to the digital advancement and Internet for enhancing these opportunities. From watching the live streams of Cricket matches to checking the live scores, people heavily rely on various apps and websites to enjoy any Cricket event. Therefore, creating a feature-rich live score app will prove to be a lucrative business idea. Cricket fans always look for the fastest yet accurate match scores and updates. You can be on top of their expectations by offering an advanced live Cricket score app like Cricket line Guru. 

However, make sure your app covers all the major and some unique features that satisfy fans’ expectations and needs. Let’s see what are crucial and engaging features you need to cover. 

Key Features to Cover in Your Live Cricket Score App

Live Updates

Users should be able to check ball-by-ball and accurate updates of the live cricket matches. They should get fast yet most precise updates on your app. 

Match Scorecard

Users can check complete scorecards of past and live matches. They can check accurate and detailed scores of both teams.

Match Odds

Provide users with accurate and instant match odds to help them make the most out of their betting game. 

Match Schedule

App users can check updated schedules of upcoming cricket matches. This ensures users won’t miss any match and enjoy it to the fullest. 

Match Polls

Match polls are excellent features helping you to make the app more interesting and offer an enhanced experience to the users. Users can join polls of recent and upcoming matches and predict the winners. 

Live Chat

Live chat is another exciting feature helping you improve the user engagement rate. Users can chat with their friends or other users in real-time. 

Match Statistics

Besides live scores and updates, offer users live match statistics that help them improve their betting strategies. 

Push Notifications

Users can be notified about match scores, upcoming matches, Cricket news, and other updates. 

Besides these features, you need to know the precise process for creating a successful app like Cricket Line Guru. 

Steps to Build a Live Score App like Cricket Line Guru

Competition Analysis 

The first step is to analyze the existing live Cricket score apps. There are many apps, but you need to find and analyze those who are ruling the market. To start with, you can first study the Cricket Line Guru app and other popular apps. This will give more insights into app functionality, features, and marketing. In this competitor research you have to find answers to the below questions:

  • How many users are using the app?
  • What are the things users like and dislike about this app? 
  • What are the features and functionality of these apps?
  • How have the apps evolved and what are the major changes? 
  • What challenges the developers might have faced during evolution?

Compare this research data with your app’s idea and solution. This will help create a more engaging and advanced app that can get you a competitive advantage. 

Planning the App Functionality 

Planning is the most important step when developing a huge live cricket score app. This will include planning the project requirements and development strategies. This step will require more attention as it will outline the whole development process.

You have to answer the below question to plan the development process: 

  • Who will be the end-users?
  • What are the key features of the app?
  • Which platform do you want to use (iOs or Android)?
  • What are the overall requirements regarding time, money, and effort?
  • Do you want to build a native or hybrid app?
  • Do you need a third-party library?
  • What will the design strategies you will use? 

App Design 

Design is another crucial step you need to emphasize. In this phase, you have to design the user interface. Your live Cricket score app must offer a user-friendly yet unmatched user experience. During the design phase, you have to focus on the data architecture, workflows, wireframing, and prototyping. 

Make sure you use intuitive yet attractive design components that won’t confuse app users. 

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If you are using the agile methodology, the development phase will be of utmost importance. Here you have to focus on the actual coding of your live cricket score app. In this step, you have to create the environment, write the code, do the preliminary testing, and then an installation testing.

You need to use the best technology stack for front-end and back-end development. However, consider using advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), and Blockchain to make the app more cutting-edge and provide users with unmatched experience. 

How Much Does it Cost to Create an App like Cricket Line Guru?

It may be difficult to mention the fixed price figure as it will depend on your specific requirements and choices related to the development model, 3rd party APIs, features, UI/UX, etc. Still, you should be ready to spend around $15,000 to $5,00,000 to create a feature-pact live Cricket score app.

Create an Engaging Live Cricket Score App with Betfoc 

Sports app development takes great expertise and knowledge to be successful. Thus, it is advisable to seek assistance from experts in this area. Betfoc is a leading custom app development company having extensive experience in creating sports apps based on various ideas. We provide end-to-end and cutting-edge sports app development solutions to help clients achieve their set goals. We can assist you in building a top-tier live cricket score app like Cricket Line Guru. 

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