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How to Create a Robust Dream11 Lineup Prediction App

Thanks to fantasy sports, people have got a novel way to enjoy their favorite sports. Sports fans can form virtual teams of real players and earn excellent rewards based on the players’ performances in real-time matches. Due to the unmatched fun and ability to earn exciting rewards, fantasy sport is ruling over sports fans’ hearts impassively. In 2019, there were around 45.9 Million fantasy players in the US alone. In fact, fantasy sports have become an excellent source of earning for several users. 

Seeing the ever-increasing popularity of fantasy sports, entrepreneurs and businesses are inclined to invest in this area. While many have already launched their own fantasy sports apps, some are heading to create a prediction app. Lineup prediction is a crucial aspect of fantasy sports that help users to make the most out of their game. Many users consider using a lineup prediction app to form winning teams and have maximum winning chances. Thus, building a feature-rich lineup prediction app proves to be a rewarding idea for both your business and end-users.  

But, where will you start from? What are the requirements for creating a lineup prediction app? What will the features be? 

You need to find answers to all such questions in order to create a robust and engaging lineup prediction app. This guide will help you with the same. We have covered all the essential components of Dream 11 lineup prediction app development to simplify your journey a bit. 

First, let us understand the scenario and scope of the fantasy sports market in terms of some crucial statistics and facts. 

Fantasy Sports Market Facts and Statistics 

  • In 2026, the worldwide fantasy sports market is expected to reach up to USD 2 billion, growing at a CAGR of 14% from 2020 to 2026. 
  • Due to the high penetration of smartphones, the app-based fantasy sports segment is likely to account for over 1.3 billion USD by 2026.  
  • North America is expected to witness an incremental revenue of 484 million USD between 2020 and 2026.
  • The fantasy sports market in Europe is growing at the highest CAGR over 2021- 2026. 
  • The US fantasy sports market was valued at 8.48 billion USD in 2019. 

With these stats and facts in mind, it would be intelligent to invest in some form in the fantasy sports area. Now that you have decided to invest in the lineup prediction app development let’s get some basic information about it.  

What is a Lineup Prediction App for Dream11?

A Dream11 prediction application is designed to provide users with match previews, team news, match statistics, pitch reports, and other crucial aspects to help them form better and winning teams. This kind of app saves a good deal of time for fantasy players that they may spend researching a particular game. 

Due to the tremendous competition, it has become more challenging for players to win Dream11 games. There are many experienced fantasy players who have profound knowledge of the game and invest a huge amount daily, which makes winning Dream11 tougher for average fantasy users.

Solutions like lineup prediction apps prove to be a big savior for them. With a feature-rich Dream11 prediction app, fantasy players can get accurate statistical data and up-to-date information, helping them create the best teams.

More Benefits of Dream11 Prediction App for End-users

  • Identify the best choices for team captain and vice-captain.
  • Get a precise match preview of every domestic and international match.
  • Get updates about weather reports and pitch conditions, which have a great impact on fantasy game results.
  • Get precise stats and records of every player.
  • Know the Top Picks and Key Players to form the winning fantasy team.
  • Receive real-time updates of available and injured players.
  • Get tips and combinations.
  • Get statistics based on a safe team for H2H and other leagues.
  • Save the money offered to paid sellers.
  • Take advantage of the experiences of leading fantasy players.
  • Have more winning opportunities and recover previous losses.

Make sure your prediction app offers all such benefits to the end-users to get a higher engagement and retention rate. Besides this, you must know the crucial features you need to cover in the app that can attract users and keep them hooked for long. 

Key Features of a Dream11 Lineup Prediction App 

  • Player Card 

Offer users a player card feature, enabling them to check the detailed performance of the player based on the previous matches. 

  • Pitch Condition

Provide users with detailed information about the pitch condition. Based on this info, users can better predict match outcomes and players’ performance. 

  • Team Statistics

Add a comprehensive team statistics feature that provides users with accurate and live stats of teams. 

  • Team History 

Users can check previous teams and their performances to improve their further game strategies. 

  • Create Teams 

Allow users to create the best teams on the same app using accurate stats and match information. 

  • Live Streaming 

You can also offer live match streaming for user engagement. Users love to watch live matches on the same app while creating fantasy teams. 

Additional Features 

  • Social Media Integration 
  • Live Chat 
  • Caption Choices 
  • Toss Analysis 
  • Latest Sport News 
  • Multiple Sports and Leagues 
  • Push Notifications 

Let us now understand some essential steps for building the best Dream 11 prediction app. 

Steps to Build The Best Dream11 Lineup Prediction App 

Market Study 

Your first step is to research the current fantasy sports market thoroughly to come up with more advanced and unique solutions. Identify the existing Dream11 prediction apps and study them. Find out what are their strengths, loopholes, features, and functionality. You can work on the loopholes and existing features and provide potential users with a powerful and improved app. Besides this, you have to identify the latest technology trends, your target users, current market status, and more other factors. 


Once you have detailed research data ready, consider designing a UI/UX of your prediction app. Emphasis designing the user experience that is interactive, user-friendly, and intuitive. A polished UI/UX design will help with early adoption and user engagement. Don’t add too many complex or rare design elements that may confuse users and make them leave the app quite soon. 


After designing the app UI/UX, focus on defining the technical architecture, selecting an appropriate technology stack, and defining the development milestones. Consider writing scalable code using the best of back-end and front-end technologies. The best technology stack for a Dream11 prediction app can include Kotlin (Android), Swift (iOS), Node.js, AWS, Azure, Socket.io, SQL/MongoDB, Live Score API, and more. 

As developing a feature-pact Dream11 lineup prediction app requires in-depth knowledge and adequate experience, it is advisable to hire professionals for different aspects. 

Hiring the Professionals 

You need to hire the following professionals specializing in various aspects of app development:  

  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Back-end Developer
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • QA Engineer

Hiring these freelance professionals individually may require you to invest a lot of money, time, and attention. Therefore, it is wise to hire a professional and reliable fantasy sports app development company, where you will get a complete in-house team of skilled people. 

Develop a Successful Lineup Prediction App with Betfoc 

Betfoc is a trustworthy and renewed fantasy sports app development company providing the best Dream11 lineup prediction app solutions. We know the Dream11 game inside-out, which enables us to develop excellent, engaging lineup prediction apps. Contact our experts to discuss your unique idea and requirements. We will help you build a custom app that suits your needs and offers an unmatched experience to the end-users. 

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