How to Develop a Successful Rummy Game App

How to Develop a Successful Rummy Game App

The rummy game has been there for centuries. Despite being an old classic game, Rummy is still widely popular. It is one of the most played card games in the world. Internet and game development have a crucial role in this increasing popularity. People no longer need to visit a casino or sit at a table for long, to play their favorite rummy game. They now have rummy game apps allowing them to play from anywhere, anytime, with their friends or players situated across the world. They can enjoy some excellent perks like free cash bonuses, reward points, etc. 

Not only players, but rummy game app development proved to be beneficial for the businesses as well. Seeing the huge traction for rummy games, entrepreneurs and businesses like you can consider developing their own rummy game app with unique ideas. A feature-rich and engrossing rummy app you can gain outstanding returns on your investment. But, how can you build such an ideal rummy game app? 

Being one of the renowned card game development companies, we have got all the know-how of building a rummy game app from scratch. In this blog, we are sharing the same with you, to simplify your journey. Here we have created a detailed guide that covers all the crucial steps of rummy game development. 


Before getting to the development, you must invest enough time and effort in researching the gaming market. You have to study every aspect including the competition, target audience, latest gaming trends, and more. 

There are already plenty of rummy games on the app stores. Make a list of all such apps and study their features, functionality, deficiencies, and other factors. Know what features in these apps can be improved or if the UI/UX design needs improvements. Also, identify what existing players think about these apps and what are their expectations.

With this thorough research, you can come up with more powerful and advanced rummy game apps that can satisfy players’ demands and give you a competitive advantage. 

Popular Variations of Rummy Game

Rummy games have many variations that are popular amongst players in different countries. Your first step is to choose an appropriate game variation that can get you maximum audience. Here are a few most popular types of rummy games you can take into consideration. 

Pool Rummy

Pool rummy is a widely played rummy version in which players pay a fixed amount as an entry fee, which forms a prize pool. The winner of every round gets 0 points and the remaining points are added to their score. A player is eliminated if his/her score crosses the maximum limit of points on the table, i.e. 101 or 201 Points Pool.

Point Rummy

Point rummy is also known as an 80 points rummy is the most basic and simplest form of 13 card rummy. It is the best game version for beginners. A signal selection of this game takes only a few minutes. The game consists of tables with different point values generally starting from 10 paise per point to 100 rs per point. The winnings of the player in this game are decided according to the points that the losing players have collected.  

Deals Rummy

In this version, there are a fixed number of deals. In the beginning, every player has an equal number of chips. The losing players have to give away their chips to the winners at the end of each deal. Once all the deals are over, players are allocated ranks according to their chip count. Players with maximum chips are considered the winner. 

Gin Rummy

Gin rummy is the easiest version played with a standard deck of 52 cards. This variation is popular in the European region. It is played between 2 players. Each player has 10 cards that are required to be melded into at least 3 card sets or sequences. 

Marriage Rummy

Marriage rummy is one of the most played rummy versions in the Indian subcontinent. It is quite similar to a 13 card rummy game, except for a few differences. This variation consists of 3 decks of cards and printed jokers. Every player has 21 cards. Players are required to form at least 3 pure runs and arrange the rest of the cards into appropriate sets or sequences.

You can build a rummy game for one of these sought-after versions. However, you can also consider offering multiple-game versions in the same app for maximum user engagement. 

Important Features of Rummy Game App 

Features help attract players and encourage them to keep using your app. You must include all the crucial and advanced features that users look out for in a rummy game app. Below are some most important features you need to include in your rummy game: 

  • User Registration/Login 

User registration/login is the crucial feature that ensures a secure and smooth gaming experience. Make sure the sign-up process is simple and should take much of the users’ time. 

  • Game History

There should be a game history feature that lets users check their previous game achievements, earnings, matches, and more. This keeps players on track of the game.

  • Referral Bonus

A Referral program helps you get more players as well as retain the existing ones. You need to offer exciting bonuses to the players when they refer your game app to the other players/friends.  

  • Achievement Badges 

Achievement badges are another excellent feature helping to engage players. You need to offer reward points to the players on the completion of a certain game level or for their excellent moves in the game. Such achievement badges entice players to play more and keep coming back to your app.  

  • Multiple Payment Modes 

If you are creating a real-money rummy game application, you must offer different modes of payments to the users. They can choose their preferred payment method and perform seamless transactions. This feature helps reduce the abandonment rate and boosts players’ experience. 

  • Live-chat 

Features like live-chat help boost game excitement and the overall gaming experience. Players can chat with their friends or other players during the game and discuss a lot of things, which keeps them hooked for a long time. 

Additional Features

  • Multiple Language Support 
  • Multiple Currency support 
  • Social Media Integration 
  • Private Table 
  • Push notifications
  • In-app purchase
  • Real-time Updates 


Once you have decided on the rummy game version/s and features, you have to get to the design and development part. Start with making the wireframe for your rummy app. Once you get a first wireframe design ready, analyze and discuss it with your team. Find out the elements that can be enhanced. Repeat the same process until you get a perfect design that meets all your and your users’ expectations. 

After getting an appropriate wireframe, you need to create a realistic mockup with the help of an experienced game designer. You will have an idea of the look and feel of your rummy game app as all the design elements are placed in the right place. You can also improve the design to make it more user-friendly or attractive. 

Make sure the UI/UX design is simple yet highly- engaging to avoid a maximum abandonment rate. It should fetch users’ attention within a first visit only. At the same time, users should be able to access the app seamlessly. There should not be complicated design components that may confuse the users. 

To make the app engrossing, try using high-quality graphics, real-time images of people, and a smart color combination. 


Once you have a final design in place, get to the coding part. For this, you have to work on the building blocks. You have to create appropriate documentation that will help you across different fronts during the development stage. It will assist you in monitoring the development pace and maintain the work quality by transferring appropriate information among different teams.

Choosing an appropriate technology stack is one of the crucial aspects affecting the quality of the code and app performance. 

Technology Stack for Rummy App Development 

The technologies required will depend on the platform you choose. For instance, if you want to build an iOS rummy game app, you may have to use Swift, iOS, and other specific technologies. On the other hand, for Android, you need to use Java, Android studio, and other related technologies. For cross-platform development, you can use programming languages like Flutter, React-native, and more. 

Below is the most common tech stack used by man rummy game apps:

  • MEAN Stack
  • AWS
  • Android Studio
  • Fabric iOS
  • FCM
  • Mantis BT
  • Facebook API
  • Swift iOS
  • Google API
  • Google analytics
  • Google webmaster
  • Sass
  • Xcode
  • Zoho
  • Stripe
  • Sendinblue
  • Sketch

Cost to Build a Rummy Game App 

Cost is the most common concern when creating any game application. You must be aware of the total amount you may require spending and accordingly plan your budget. The cost to develop a card game like rummy depends on many aspects such as:

  • Hiring the Developers 
  • Location of the Developers 
  • Platform (iOS, Android, or Cross-platform) 
  • Technologies Used 
  • Features 
  • Complexity 

The cost will vary as per your individual choices and requirements. Thus, it is quite difficult to suggest an exact figure for the cost. Still, you should be ready to spend around $30,000 and $70,000 for developing an Android rummy app with moderate complexity. 

Final Thoughts! 

Now you have all the know-how required for creating a rummy game app, it is time to get to executing your idea. Make sure you hire the best rummy app developer or a reliable company to assist you in the same. When choosing a development partner, you must emphasize several points such as the experience, expertise, testimonials, talented team (if hiring a company), other resources, etc. 

Create a Feature-rich Rummy Game App With Betfoc 

Betfoc is a leading and reliable game development company you can rely on for developing a high-quality and advanced rummy game app. We have got the right expertise and experience required to create feature-rich, high-performing card games for Android, iOS, Web, and other platforms. Reach out to our experts to discuss your unique needs and choices. We will strive to meet and exceed them while delivering top-notch rummy game app solutions. 

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