How to Build a Fantasy Soccer Mobile App in 2022

How to Build a Fantasy Soccer Mobile App in 2022

The global soccer market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.57% between the forecast period of 2020-2025. Thus, investing in this vast market is a lucrative decision. Fantasy sports app is one of the best business opportunities in this area that entrepreneurs and businesses like you can grab and succeed with. You can consider investing in the soccer fantasy sports app development, as there is already a huge and loyal fan following for both fantasy sports and soccer. 

However, creating a fantasy sports app for soccer and transforming it into a successful business is not a cakewalk. You must have detailed know-how of this market and the right process for developing a fantasy soccer app. In this article, we have tried to cover everything you want to know about fantasy soccer app development, from the market scope to the process to features and the development cost. This guide will simplify your journey by providing you with all the required information.

The Scope of Fantasy Soccer App Development

Let’s have a look at some important stats and facts about fantasy sports and the soccer market:

  • As per the AMR report, in 2019, the global fantasy sports market size was $18.6 billion. This market size is expected to grow $48.6 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 13.9% between the forecast period 2021 to 2027. 
  • There are around 4 billion soccer fans worldwide. 
  • Around 40 million people play fantasy soccer worldwide. 
  • As per the Statista report, Europe is the prominent soccer market with a market worth of 25 billion dollars in the football season 2018-19. 
  • For most fans, soccer is more than a religion.
  • Because of the global pandemic, more and more people are staying at home, thus there is a huge demand for online gaming and betting platforms.

The above information clearly states that the fantasy sports market is on a significant rise. And soccer serves as an excellent opportunity to start a business in this area and succeed with the same. The loyal and massive fan base of soccer is itself enough to drive success for your fantasy sports. By launching a unique and engaging fantasy soccer app you can easily reach maximum players and gain a good return on investment. 

Now you know how lucrative it is to build a fantasy soccer app, let’s understand the process for the same. 

Steps to Build a Fantasy Sports Soccer App

Define the Objectives

What’s the purpose of building and launching an app like this? This is the first question you need to answer yourself. You must be clear with the goals you want to attain with the fantasy soccer app. Having clarity of your objectives helps you plan precisely and smoothens your business journey. 


Once you know what you want to achieve, it’s time to do thorough market research to identify crucial data required to reach your goals. In this research, you have to identify and study below aspects:

Target Geography

Identify the geographical region where soccer is loved the most and also the fantasy sports. For instance, soccer is widely popular in countries like the USA and Canada. If you launch your fantasy soccer app in such countries, you will get a massive response.

Target Audience

Identifying what age group of people in your chosen geographical region can be your target audience and who will love to use your app. 

User’s Demands and Expectations

Know what improvements and add on people want to see in fantasy sports platforms. Understanding their requirements and expectations can help you build a more engaging fantasy app that can attract maximum users. 

Latest Fantasy Sports Trends

Find out the latest technology trends you can integrate into your fantasy sports app to gain a competitive advantage. For example, cryptocurrency and live chat are emerging trends in the fantasy sports world.


Identify existing fantasy football apps in the market that you think can be your competition. Understand what features, functionality, and strategies they are using to boost user engagement. 

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Choose a Reliable Fantasy Sports App Development Company

Now that you have all the essential research data and clarity of goals, it is the right time to find a fantasy app development company to kick start your project. However, this can be a little challenging task, as options are abundant.

When looking for the best fantasy soccer app development company, you have to consider several factors such as experience, expertise, a team of professionals, reviews, testimonials, and more. The company should have adequate expertise and resources to help you develop a scalable, high-performing fantasy sports app. 


UI/UX design plays a crucial role in the success of your application. You must design the app in a way that can easily attract the player’s attention and entice them to come back and play regularly. Simply put, emphasize designing a user-friendly yet highly engaging user interface. Avoid using complex and rare design components that may confuse users and make them leave the app. Also, there should be easy navigation and easy onboarding.


Though you have professional fantasy sports app developers to work on your project, you must pay attention to every detail. Make sure to cover all the basic and latest features that can boost players’ engagement and help increase the retention rate. Here is the list of features you must consider: 

Key Features of Fantasy Soccer App

User Panel Features

User Profile

Everything about the user including name created/joined leagues, referral points, and more details are shown here in a user-friendly way. 


Offer an advanced leaderboard that displays the leading players having the highest scores in the match. This keeps players updated and helps them plan quick and accurate strategies. 

Player Info

Users can view detailed information of every soccer player, including name, league, achievements, ranking, and more. 

Create/Join the League

Users can join the existing global or private leagues. Also, they can create their custom leagues, set the number of participants, and more. 

Live Scoreboard

Users can check the live scores and updates of soccer matches. This helps them make quick and accurate game decisions. 

Live Chat

Users can connect with their friends and family and enjoy a live chat during the gameplay. This brings real-time fun to your fantasy soccer app. 

Admin Panel Features 

Transaction Management

Admin can track and manage bank transactions made by users on the app.

Detailed Dashboard

This is one of the crucial features of a fantasy sports app. There should be a comprehensive dashboard for the admin to track and manage gameplay activities, user details, transactions, and more aspects. 

Manage Users

This gives authority to the Admin to add, remove, or suspend users on your fantasy soccer app. 

Manage Leagues

Admin has full control over both the private and public leagues and can manage them seamlessly. 

Manage Reward Points

Admin can assign reward points to certain match activities and decide the reward distribution. 


The app should have an efficient CRM and CMS management system to ensure seamless operations and proper content on the app.

Additional Features

  • Social Media Sharing
  • e-Wallet  
  • Push Notifications 
  • Real-time Analytics 
  • Referral Bonus 
  • Multiple Draft Types
  • Achievement Badges 
  • Data Feeds 
  • Browse and Select Matches
  • Multilingual Support

Apart from the features, you must know what technology stack to use when developing a fantasy sports app. So, here is the answer.

Technology Stack for Building Scalable Fantasy Soccer App

Front-end Development  HTML5, Angular JS, CSS3, React JS, Jquery, Vue JS, and Bootstrap.
Database MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, HBase.
Sports API SportsMonks, Goalserve, EntitySports,
Payment Gateways  PayPal, PayUmoney, Stripe, E-banking, Braintree, Mangopay.
Cloud Environment  AWS, Google Cloud, MS Azure, Cloud Foundry, Salesforce.
Analytics BigData, Hadoop, Spark, Apache, IBM, Cisco.
Push Notification  Amazon SNS, Twilio, MAP, Push.IO, Amazon SNS, Urban Airship. 
Android Java, ROR, Kotlin, Node JS, Laravel.
iOS Swift, ROR, Node JS, Laravel.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Fantasy Soccer App?

The cost of building a fantasy soccer app varies according to your specific requirements and choices regarding the design, platform, features, and other aspects. Also, the cost will depend on the location of developers or an app development company you are working with. companies/developers in different countries have different hourly rates for fantasy soccer app development. Therefore, it is difficult to suggest the exact cost. Still, the estimated cost to build a fantasy soccer app will be between $30000 – $50000. 

Build a Successful Fantasy Sports App with Betfoc

Now you have adequate know-how about fantasy soccer app development, you can start working on your dream project with the help of the right professionals. Betfoc is one of the well-known fantasy sports app development companies that can transform your fantasy soccer app idea into reality. We have got the right experience and expertise to build highly engaging, scalable, and feature-pact fantasy sports apps. Reach out to our experts to discuss your requirements and ideas. 


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