How much does it Cost to Develop a Card Game App?

It is no surprise that the gaming market is on a significant rise. The market is flooded with cutting-edge games powered by advanced technologies and ideas. However, some conventional genres like Card games are still immensely popular amongst players. People all over the world love playing various card games, such as Rummy, Poker, and many more. The technology advancement and mobile game development solutions can be attributed to the increasing popularity of card games. The demand for card games is increasing continuously, which means there are enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses.

However, before investing in a card game app development idea, you must have in-depth knowledge of every aspect. As it will be a big investment, you must be careful with every decision. Cost is one of the biggest factors you must focus on before you begin working on your card game idea. Being an experienced game development company, we know card game development inside out. Thus, we can better help you understand the cost estimation precisely. This blog will let you know all the essential information related to the card game development cost and its scope. 

About Card Game App Popularity 

Card games have been there for centuries. However, mobile game development technology has given a new facet to this genre, making it more fun and interesting. Of Course, entertainment is a key factor in driving the popularity of card game app development. But, other factors like convenience and the ability to play with family, friends, and even strangers online also have a significant role in the popularity of card games.

Players can enjoy playing different skill-based card games using their mobile devices from anywhere, anytime. Online card games like online poker, teen Patti, rummy, are gaining immense traction from the gamers. 

Why Invest in Card Game App Development?  

  • According to a Statista report, In 2021, the revenue of the global card games market amounts to USD 6,614million. 
  • The card game market is predicted to grow yearly by 5.71% between the forecast period 2021-2026.
  • The online rummy market size is expected to reach 22.2 billion USD over the upcoming few years. 
  • In 2020, there was a $131.1 million investment in the online gaming market.

Seeing all these stats, it is fair to conclude that investing in card games or any game idea will be a lucrative decision. By creating a feature-rich and engaging card game like RummyCircle, you can attract a huge player base and start a profitable business.

Factors Affecting the Card Game Development Cost

As seen above, investing in mobile card game development is a lucrative and intelligent idea that can lead to immense success. However, you must know how much amount you will need to invest to start a successful card game business. Developing a card game involves several crucial factors and steps, which affect the development cost drastically. Understanding these elements would help you get an idea about the overall cost estimation. 

Platform / OS

The choice of platform or OS can make a significant difference in the overall cost. Developing a card game app for a particular platform such as iOS or Android may cost you higher compared to creating a hybrid game app. This is because hybrid game development requires writing a single code for multiple mobile OS or platforms.


The number of features you want to add to the card game app will also vary the development cost. Creating a card game app with basic features may cost you less. However, for achieving an excellent user engagement and retention rate, you must consider adding all the interesting and advanced features. A most important feature for card game apps like Rummy or Teen Patti includes:

  • Live Chat

The ability to chat with other players in real-time takes players’ gaming experience to the next level. Players can discuss game strategies and other aspects during the gameplay. 

  • Multiple Payment Gateways 

There must be different payment modes available in your card game app for user convenience. Users should be able to do seamless transactions with their preferred gateway. 

  • Login/ Registration 

User login/registration is the most essential feature that ensures better security on the game app. But, the registration or login process should be easy enough so that users can begin the game quickly. 

  • Refer and Earn Program 

Players can invite their friends/family/other players to use your app and earn exciting rewards. This helps you gain more users and retain the existing ones.

  • Multiple Game Modes 

Make sure your card game app offers several game modes to engage players and enhance the gaming experience. 

  • Dashboard 

There should be a comprehensive dashboard that allows the admin to manage users, check previous game history, send notifications, manage accounts, and many more things. 

Technology Stack 

The quality and performance of your card game app will hugely rely on the technology stack you use. Therefore, technology is a crucial factor when deciding the cost. The most common technologies used for card game development include Android studio, AWS, FCM, Facebook API, Google API, MEAN stack, Swift iOS, Xcode, Sketch, Google Webmaster, Strip, Sendinblue, and more. 

Location of the Game Developers 

Game developers or game development companies in different countries have different hourly rates/costs for card game development. For instance, game developers in the US may have a $40-$100 hourly rate, while developers in India cost $15-$30 per hour. Therefore, the region of the game developers is one of the important factors in deciding card game app development costs.  

Cost Estimation for Developing Card Game App 

There could be many more factors affecting the cost of developing a card game app, such as cloud storage, hosting and maintenance, number of UIs involved, the complexity of the idea, marketing, etc. Therefore, it is essential to first decide and analyze your specific requirements. 

An estimated cost for developing a card game like poker, rummy, or Teen Patti with moderate complexity may cost you between $40k to $150k. The cost may increase with the increase in complexity, a number of features, or other factors. 

Opt for Cost-Effective Card Game Development Solution 

Undoubtedly, the cost is the crucial factor when starting a new game venture. You must consider various aspects when planning the budget for your card game business. Compare the costs of different game developers or game development companies to get the most affordable deal. However, make sure you don’t compromise quality on the cost. Select the development partner who is renowned for providing quality game development solutions at competitive rates. One such name you can consider is Betfoc. We are a leading mobile game development company having extensive experience and expertise. Whether you are thinking about poker or rummy game development, we can assist you with any card game idea. 

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