How Gamification can Help in Your Brand Promotion?

Games are one of those powerful things that engage people for a long time. Recognizing this fact, entrepreneurs tend to make the most out of game technology. And this isn’t only limited to game app development. Yes, there are several ways businesses are leveraging the concept of games, including gamification. Imagine that your non-game application has certain gaming elements like a fortune wheel. How will it be helpful? It will of course boost users’ interest in your app and encourage them to stay on the app for a longer period. This is how gamification is contributing to the growth and success of a number of online businesses. Using gamification in promotion and marketing can help to boost user engagement, conversion rate, and eventually the sales. 

If you have been planning for an effective promotion and marketing campaign for your app or website, Gamification must be in your consideration. Now, you might be wondering why you should and how you can use this effective strategy. This post will answer all your questions and let you know the importance of integrating gamification into your campaign. 

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the concept of incorporating gaming elements and mechanics into non-gaming applications to enhance user experience and promote user participation and engagement. You can use a variety of game design elements, such as leader boards, actual games, achievement badges, and many more into your application to convey your brand message efficiently and engage more users. By using gamification in your promotion strategy you can attract users and entice them to perform certain actions quickly without any gestation.  

Interesting Facts and Stats About Gamification 

  • According to the Orbis Research report, the worldwide gamification market is estimated to reach 32 billion dollars, by 2025.
  • By 2024, the CAGR of the gamification market is predicted to increase by 30.1% compared to 2019.
  • In 2020, the global gamification market was valued at $9.1 billion, which is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 27.4% by 2025.
  • Gamification can help a business grow consumer interactions by up to 40%.
  • With the assistance of gamification group Gamify, KFC Japan created gaming content that helped them increase in-store sales to 106%. 
  • Starbucks revenue increased by $2.65 billion upon the launch of its Rewards app while its membership program helped increase loyal customers by 25%. 

The above information may be enough to articulate the effectiveness and popularity of gamification. The gamification market is growing continuously and gaining good traction from businesses.  

Best Examples of Brands Using Gamification

Have a look at some examples that show how top brands have utilized gamification in the promotion and are witnessing excellent outcomes with it. 


 Starbucks has set the best example of using gamification in brand promotion. It has introduced a “My Starbuck Rewards” program that enables customers to earn points and win bigger prizes upon their purchase. The Starbucks Rewards app has a significant contribution to the brand’s increased revenue of $2.65 billion. Moreover, this gamification idea helped the brand to increase the count of loyal customers to a great extent. 

The Samsung Nation 

Samsung has introduced an interesting function to enhance users’ interactivity and motivate them to learn from other users. This feature lets users watch video clips and communicate issues. Users who are most active receive badges on each level of progression. 


With the help of Gamify KFC Japan created a marketing campaign that not only educated customers but also encouraged them to try their new shrimp-themed menu items. They used gamification in the form of a mobile game in which users can swat away at shrimps falling out of the screen( similar to Fruit Ninja). KFC’s Shrimp Attack program led the brand to introduce a new product line. 

The Nike + Run Club

To take customers’ experience to the next level, Nike introduced The Nike + Run Club app, which enables athletes to join the community of runners. Users can also measure their efforts and follow a training program customized to their goals. Moreover, the app enables users to share race statistics on social networks and participate in challenges to win trophies and badges. All this together creates a competitive mechanism, which leads to effective gamification. The application not only helped the brand in retaining users but also in improving its credibility in the sports community. 

Top Benefits of Gamification in Brand Promotion and Marketing 

Now you might be curious to know what makes an increasing number of brands adopt a gamification strategy. And the answer is the benefits. Gamification when used in brands promotion can offer you a number of benefits, such as below:

Boosts User Engagement

People of all edges enjoy playing games as it is a powerful means of entertainment. This is why using gaming elements in your non-gaming app or website can help boost user engagement. When your potential customers find gamified content on your app or website their curiosity increases and they can’t resist clicking on it. Moreover, gaming content keeps them engaged for a longer time.  

Increases Conversion Rate 

The increased user engagement rate also has a good impact on your conversion rate. Users enjoy the gaming elements to the fullest on your platform without realizing it is a part of their marketing strategy. With gamification, they are more likely to perform required actions compared to other marketing methods. For instance, when you add rewards to the gamification program it will encourage potential customers to take action, which drives better conversion rates. 

Increase the Count of Loyal Customers

While acquiring new customers is a crucial factor for your brand, retaining the existing ones is equally important. And gamification helps you with the same. When customers interact with gaming elements they find your brand interesting and credible enough to keep coming back frequently. The gamified content on your website or app helps customers get familiar with your brand easily. Due to the feeling of closeness, customers are likely to put your brand on priority whenever they plan for purchasing. 

It is Cost-effective 

Compared to many marketing strategies, gamification has proven to be more cost-effective. While certain gamification elements may look expensive and time-consuming but fortunately this is not the case. You can implement gamification into your website or app without increasing your marketing budget while also saving a good deal of time. 

Data Collection is Easier 

Data proves to be helpful in predicting the success of your marketing strategies and improving them. With accurate customer data, you can make the right choices related to marketing and promotion. Therefore, collecting consumer data is equally important for effective marketing and promotion campaigns. Gamifying certain aspects of your app or website helps you entice users to provide their personal information. You get required customer data without breaching any privacy laws. For instance, you can ask users to provide their names and other details to unlock game levels or get their names on the leadership board. 

The above benefits clearly indicate that gamification can be the most lucrative and impactful strategy for promoting your business. But, only when you do it the right way. 

Effective Tips for Using Gamification Successfully 

Here are a few effective tips you must consider to make your gamification campaign successful. 

Know Your Target Audience 

Your main aim with gamification is to engage the audience and encourage them to be loyal customers. Therefore, emphasize understanding your target audience precisely. Know the gender, age, location, and preferences of the target audience and accordingly plan an effective gamification campaign that can attract users.  

Promote the Campaign 

The important step in making your campaign successful is to let more and more people know about it. Choose the most impactful way to promote your gamification campaign. You can use social media platforms to convey to potential audiences about the gamification campaign and gain their attention. Email marketing is another best approach you can consider. 

Offer Rewards 

Provide users with an opportunity to win exciting rewards. This will encourage them to interact with your gamification program. If your campaign is new, consider offering small prizes. 

Keep it Simple

Make sure your gamification program is simple so that target users can access it seamlessly. The gamification should offer a fun experience to the users rather than confusing them. If it requires more time to figure out your gamified program than actually playing it, users may get frustrated and abandon your platform forever. 

Create Your Gamification Campaign with the Expert Assistance 

Now that you know the importance of gamification, it is the right time to adopt it for your brand promotion. Make sure you use the best gaming elements and tools to form a successful gamified campaign. The most popular gamification tools you can consider are leaderboards, instant winning games, bonuses, rewards, task reminders, and more. If you still find it difficult to incorporate gamification into your digital marketing campaign, we have got you covered. Betfoc is one of the reliable digital marketing companies that you can rely on for effective gamification strategies. 


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