Everything You Need to Know About HTML5 Game Development

The gaming market is evolving rapidly with the evolution of technology. You will come across many emerging frameworks, tools, and technologies empowering game development. HTML5 is one of those excellent game development technologies having a significant contribution to the industry evolution. It not only helps build stunning games but makes developers’ jobs easier and more efficient. It is enriched with offline asset storage, audio APIs, and HD graphics, and many other aspects in line with game developers’ needs. Therefore, HTML5 game development proves to be an ideal choice for developing diverse games. If you have a great game idea and want to make it a reality, HTML5 will be your best bet. 

But, how will it be beneficial to my game project? Will it suit my requirements? What technology stack do I need to use? You must be having several doubts like this. This blog post will answer all your questions and help you make the right choice for your game development project. 

What is HTML5? 

Released in 2014, HTML 5 is one of the popular markup languages mostly used for developing games that can be played on web browsers of desktops or smartphones. It is the fifth and final major version of HTML- a web programming language created in 1998. It is essentially a set of advanced web technologies, which includes HTML Living Standard, hardware access, JavaScript APIs, and multimedia. With HTML5, you can create animations, large applications, and other complex apps that run on the browser. It helps you develop apps that fit various resolutions, aspect ratios, screen sizes, and guidelines. 

Why is HTML5 Game Development the Best Choice?

HTML5 game development has been gaining immense popularity due to its amazing benefits. Check out why HTML5 is the top choice of many game developers today. 

Universal Compatibility

HTML5 comes with cross-browser compatibility, which makes developers’ life easier. Games developed with HTML5 can be played on different devices like laptops, PCs, smartphones, and more. Developers don’t need to port the games completely to run on various platforms. They just need some customization in the code for each platform. HTML5 games can also be launched as local web games and can be displayed in browsers. 

Easy Promotion

Reaching the target audience is less hectic and cost-effective with HTML5 game app development. This is because HTML5 covers all the major platforms. End-users don’t need to download HTML5 games, they can access them anytime, which makes the promotion easier. You can use the existing and new marketing channels to promote your game apps. You can also display ads within games. 

Easy Updation and Maintenance 

Game app maintenance and upgrading seem challenging. But not when your game app is developed using HTML5. When the latest update is released it gets implemented on all the platforms. Users can experience the latest game versions without having to update the game app themselves. You can quickly roll out new features and make them available to all users. 

Easy Access 

The biggest advantage of HTML5 games is they are easy to access. Gamers don’t need to visit the play store to download the HTML5 game apps. They can directly access these games through major browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and more. Also, HTML5 offers the Cache Manifest technique, which enables gamers to store their data easily in the cache. This ease of access helps gain a huge user base for your game app. 

Excellent Technology Stack 

Technology stack is one of the best reasons why developers opt for HTML5 game development. HTML5 uses Web Graphics Library (WebGL) and Canvas, which are the core technologies majority of developers prefer to use for building modern web games. Developers use Canvas elements for bitmapping images and scriptable rendering of 2D shapes. Also, JavaScript API WebGL facilitates drawing and converting different shapes into 2D/3D images and rendering the same within browsers. 

Moreover, HTML5 comes with several JavaScript frameworks and game engines Contstruct2, Play Canvas, Three.js, Turbulenz, Minko, Unity5, and Kick.js. With these game engines, you can create engaging 2D games. These game engines automate several tedious tasks making the game development process easier and swift. 

Fast Development 

No doubt, game development with HTML5 is fast and efficient. You don’t need to write separate code for different platforms. With a few modifications to the existing code will be ready to release your game and make it accessible on multiple browsers and devices. Moreover, the advanced game engines and tools offered by HTML5 help accelerate the development process. 

List of Most Popular Games Built with HTML5

Eager to know the examples of HTML5 games? Here is a list of some widely popular games developed using HTML5.

  • Bejeweled Puzzle Game
  • HexGL
  • Sketch Out
  • Gamentio 
  • Cross-code
  • Gods will Be Watching
  • Angry Birds 
  • Flappy Bird 
  • HexGL
  • Treasure Arena
  • The Wizard
  • Swooop 

Ready to Develop a HTML5 Game? 

Now, if you have decided to go with the HTML5 game development, make sure to select the best game development partner. Betfoc is one of the most reliable names you can consider for this purpose. We are an experienced game development company specializing in HTML5, mobile, and unity3D game development. We build highly engaging and top-grade game apps for different genres, including casino, entertainment, board games, and many more. Our skilled game developers and designers will help you transform your game idea into a successful game using HTML5 and other advanced technologies. 

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