Betting Exchange Arbitrage Software

Betting Exchange Arbitrage Software

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Betting Exchange Arbitrage Software Provider

Betfoc offers top-notch betting exchange arbitrage software that helps boost your customer base and uplift your gambling businesses. We incorporate advanced functionality and features to enhance users’ betting experience and keep them engaged.

Our arbitrage software scans the odds for plenty of bookmarks for a range of sports, matches, and tournaments. We also focus on integrating prominent integration services to boost the functionality and value of your betting arbitrage software. With our custom software development solutions, you can achieve your specific goals and outperform the competition.

We at Betfoc believe in a client-centric approach and can go the extra mile to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We follow thorough research, design, development testing methods to ensure the highest-quality betting software solutions and services. We offer arbitrage betting software in the USA and all over the world.

Betfoc helps businesses of all sizes to build custom betting exchange software as per their specific user requirements, be it regarding interface, features, or functionality.

Our advanced betting exchange arbitrage software comes with all the crucial features and functionality to enable users to place bets conveniently and make the most out of it. It supports flexible commissioning such as Tiered or Standard Revenue Share (depending on NGR, FTD), Mix FT. Tiered or Standard CPA (depending on FTD amount, FTD count), and more. Besides this, we integrate the best matching engine into the software that provides accurate bet types and matched odds to the users. Also, users from different countries can use the software seamlessly as it supports multiple languages.

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    Why Betfoc for Betting Exchange Arbitrage Software?

    • Betting Software Experts
    • Skilled Developers
    • Secure Platform
    • Seamless Support and Maintenance
    • Project Confidentiality and Security
    • Vast Industry Experience

    Feature-pact Betting Exchange Arbitrage Software

    We integrate all the essential and advanced features to the betting exchange arbitrage software to make it worthwhile for your business and customers.

    • Multiple Odds Formats

      Our arbitrage betting software supports multiple odd formats, including American, fraction, and decimal. This helps you boost engagement by providing players with accurate odds as per their interests and choices.

    • Multi-tier Agent System

      With our arbitrage software platform, we provide a multi-tier agent system that lets you create and manage wide agent networks across the globe. This also helps in improving and accelerating your business growth.

    • Odds Comparison

      We incorporate an odds comparison engine, which compares the betting odds from different bookmakers and provides users with the best-matched odds. This facility helps users to make the most out of their betting games.

    • Betting History

      When users palace bets, the arbitrage software creates and stores real-time bet history. Users can check and use the history to plan betting strategies for upcoming matches. Betting history helps users improve their betting game and win maximum amounts.

    • Instant Cash-out

      Our betting exchange arbitrage software facilitates users to take out their profit or some of the stakes during the middle of the game. The cash-out convenience encourages players to be loyal to your platform and come back frequently.

    • Identity Cards

      The betting arbitrage software creates and assigns unique identities to the bettors to ensure a secure betting game. This helps maintain a secure and safe betting environment on the platform and avoid fraud risks.

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    What is arbitrage betting?

    Arbitrage betting involves betting at two different sportsbooks. Bettors place bets at two sportsbooks to make the most out of odds differences and get their house advantage. They need to place bets of certain amounts on both sides of the line to ensure a profit.

    Is arbitrage betting legal?

    Arbing is 100% legal. 

    What are the sports covered in your betting exchange arbitrage software?

    We cover a range of sports in our betting exchange arbitrage software including soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, cricket, and many more. This helps you fulfill the needs of different bettors having different interests, and get a huge retention rate. 

    What is the cost of betting exchange arbitrage software?

    You may want customization related to features or functionality and the cost will vary accordingly. Thus, we request you to provide us with your detailed requirements so that we can suggest the exact cost or send you a perfect price quote. 

    Do you offer customized software solutions?

    Yes, we offer customized betting exchange arbitrage software that matches your unique business requirements and users’ demands. Be it UX/UX or backend, we can help with any customization required to get you a business-perfect betting arbitrage software.

    Do you offer back-end support?

    Yes, we offer dedicated technical support. Our experts are 24/7 available to assist you with any backend-end issue. 

    What are the additional features of your betting exchange arbitrage software?

    Our arbitrage software offers more exciting features, such as:

    • Live video streaming
    • Cryptocurrency support
    • Players’ management
    • Liability monitoring and reporting
    • Multiple payment gateways 
    • Multiple languages support 
    • Matching engine 
    • And many more 


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