An Ultimate Guide to Build football prediction software

An Ultimate Guide to Build Football Prediction software

Betting has been around for over a thousand years throughout society. It all started with friends betting on anything with two possible outcomes: win or lose. It has evolved into the world’s most complicated industry, elevating betting to new heights. According to a recent report published by, the sports betting business was worth $104.31 billion in 2017 and is anticipated to reach $155.49 billion by 2024.

It is not easy to start an online betting business. And, in order to alleviate this suffering, we’ve devised a strategy that will assist you in launching a sports betting business as soon as feasible. With so many enterprises popping up in the industry, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. As the leading sports betting software provider, we’ve assisted a number of organizations in building a sports betting solution from the ground up and allowing them to quickly enter the betting sector with our out-of-the-box solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

For betting enthusiasts and, of course, betting organizations, predicting the outcome of a soccer match is crucial. To set the chances for a certain event, betting organizations utilize highly complex statistical and analytical models. Notice that the odds for your favored outcome are the lowest, while the odds for unlikely events are the greatest.

Benefits of Our Football Prediction Software

  • 100% Customizable Prediction Platform

All of our prediction software, including football, soccer, and other sports, is completely customizable. Our programmers create software solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs in order to appeal to your target audience.

  • There is no revenue share

To ensure that you do not incur any additional fees, we maintain a revenue share policy of zero or no revenue share. From the start, our transparent billing system ensures that we maintain track of every invoice detail.

  • Tools for High-Risk Management

We incorporate high-risk management methods to improve consumer predictability. Our system is designed with current prediction risk and analysis in mind, allowing users to predict with ease on the platform.

Features of Our Football Prediction Platform

  • Ongoing Global Pools

Invite your users to compete in the most recent global pools against people from all across the world. To anticipate different football leagues, users can personalize their pools or build their own private pools. Invite your users to compete in the most recent global pools against people from all across the world. To anticipate different football leagues, users can personalize their pools or build their own private pools.

  • Rules that can be changed

With our exciting innovation, users may now personalize their own pools and define their own set of rules.

  • Question Bonuses

Make your site user-friendly by attracting visitors with extra questions once they achieve a specific level in the game.

  • Make Your Own League

To promote user involvement, this feature allows users to build their own league on the football prediction software.

  • Rankings

Our football betting software application allows users to make accurate predictions and ranks them on a leaderboard.

  • Admins in the back office

Admins can manage and monitor critical activities while also keeping an eye on detailed data.

  • Scores in Real Time

On the leaderboards, real-time live scores are presented, allowing them to play with a competitive edge.

  • Data Analytics and Statistics

Our football prediction software comes with a full set of data and analytics tools that provide you all the information you need about matches and players.

  • Winner of the Day

This function assists in rewarding the player with the most accurate forecast on that particular day.

Bottom Line

At Betfoc, we provide the most advanced football prediction software solutions, which are designed using cutting-edge technologies and are extremely competitive and cost-effective. Our football prediction program has cutting-edge features that are both user-friendly and appealing. Our team creates user-friendly designs that are simple to use and navigate. To provide the optimal user experience, users can make predictions on 20+ football leagues.

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