how to develop a teen patti game app

A Guide to Developing Successful Teen Patti Game App

Card games have been making their unique and strong presence in the online casino market. According to the Statista report, the Card game segment generated total revenue of US$6,614 million in 2021 and the market is anticipated to grow annually at a CAGR of 7.80% during 2021- 2026. From poker to blackjack to rummy, many card games have managed to be on the list of best casino games. And how can we forget Teen Patti? It is one of the most popular card games, especially in South Asia. Having its roots in India Teen Patti game has now been played in many countries. If you are planning to invest in card game development it will be wise to consider Teen Patti. This blog post will provide you with all the essential information about Teen Patti game development. From features to technologies, you will find all the required details that lead to a successful teen Patti game app. 

About Teen Patti Game 

Invented in the Indian subcontinent, Teen Patti is a poker-like card game usually played in bars and clubs. It is generally played between 3 to 6 players. Teen Patti game uses a 52-card pack excluding jokers. Similar to rummy and poker games, players place bets in Teen Patti. Players require a fixed amount they want to bet before the distribution of the cards. Once the player places the bet and boot amount is collected from every player, everyone is dealt three cards face down. The entire boot amount is kept in the pot. And the pot sits in the centre of the table. 

As the game advances, the pot amount grows. The person who manages to sustain in the game until the end of the hand and has the highest or best hand wins the pot amount. Usually, the best hand is decided according to the cards ranking from highest to the lowest.

Betting on Teen Patti is not similar to poker. In Teen Patti, players need to have all the bets of equal amounts. This means once a player places a bet of 2 coins and another player places 4, the previous player needs to place a bet of 4 extra coins than just 2 to the earlier 2.

Why Invest in Teen Patti Game Development?

Online Teen Patti has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years, especially owing to the coronavirus outbreak and the lockdowns caused due it. As people all over the world were confined to their homes, online card games like Teen Patti proved to be their big savior to kill the time. Therefore, undoubtedly, the popularity of Teen Patti and other card games has grown by leaps and bounds across the world. Also, there is a massive surge in the number of Smartphone users and mobile gamers, which is the major reason behind the booming market for online card or casino games

Another reason for Teen Patti’s popularity is the emergence of live casinos that cater to the needs and interests of different players, be they local or international, professional or amateurs. Today, many international online casino sites offer Teen Patti to attract more players. 

Keeping all these facts in mind, it is a brilliant decision to build a Teen Patti game app and kick-start a profitable online gaming business

Essential Features of Teen Patti Game App 

Now that you have decided to go with the Teen Patti game app development idea, you must know what features you need to cover in your app. Features are what make your app interesting and worth users’ attrition and time. Check out the below list of crucial features of the Teen Patt game app for a higher user engagement and retention rate. 

  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Engaging and Intuitive Interface 
  • High-quality Gaming Elements 
  • Rewards and Loyalty Points 
  • Refer and Earn Program 
  • Private Table 
  • Open Table
  • Social Media Sharing 
  • Play With Bot 
  • Multiple Payment Gateways 
  • Player Profile 
  • Admin Dashboard

Technology Stack for Teen Patti Game App Development 

Besides the features, the choice of technology stack will have a great contribution to the success of your Teen Patti game app. Technologies and tools may vary depending on the platform choice. For instance, if you want to build an iOS Teen Patti game app Swift iOS and Xcode will be the best choice. For Android apps, you can consider using Flutter, Javascript, and other frameworks. The most common tech stack for developing card games like Teen Patti is as below: 

Programming Languages: Swift, HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, Flutter, Xcode, Fabric iOS, and more.

Game Engine: Unity 3D and Unreal Engine.

Tools: Android Studio, Sketch, 

Real-time Analytics: BigData, Hadoop, Spark, Apache Flink, IBM, Cisco.

Database: MongoDB, Postgres, HBase, Cassandra.

Payments: Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, E-Wallets

Push Notifications:, Twilio.

Cloud Environment: AWS.

Teen Patti Game Variations to Cover 

Different players will be having different choices of Teen Patti variations. To attract all these players and cater to their needs, you must include multiple versions of the Teen Patti game into your app. Here are the most popular Teen Patti game variations. 


In this variation, the Joker card is a substitute for any card irrespective of the card suit. 


In the Royal game, players can only deal with ten cards or above.

One-eyed Jack 

In this variation, either the jack of spades or the jack of hearts is the card showing only one eye.


In a high-low game, cards are given ranks in sequence from highest to lowest.


In the Hukam game, each player gets two normal cards and a joker card for the gameplay.


In the SK47 game, among the three cards a card with rank A, K, 4, and 7 is considered as Joker.

How to Hire The Best Teen Patti Game Developers

 The most important step when creating a Teen Patti game app is to choose the best development partner or development. You need to hire the most reliable and talented Teen Patti game developers who can provide you with end-to-end solutions and assistance to make your idea a reality. Of course, there is an abundance of game developers all over the world. To find the best one you must follow a proven checklist. Make sure you look out for all the key aspects mentioned below when hiring Teen Patti game developers. 

  • Proven card game development experience 
  • Expertise with the modern game development tech stack
  • Excellent portfolio 
  • Post-development support
  • Ability to meet deadlines 
  • Knowledge of the latest gaming trends 
  • Cost-effective and scalable solutions

Cost to Develop a Teen Patti Game App

Teen Patti game app development cost varies depending on different aspects, such as:

  • Number of features 
  • The complexity of game functionality 
  • Hours required 
  • Location of the developers 
  • Platform choice (iOs, Android, Web, or Cross-platform)
  • Advanced technology integration 2D, 3D, Voice Assistant, AR/VR, Cryptocurrency and more)

The cost will be decided based on your specific choices and requirements related to all the above aspects. However, you can assume the overall cost for developing the Teen Patti game to be around $20,000-$25,000. The cost may increase according to the number of features or other additional requirements. 

Develop a Stunning Teen Patti Game App with Betfoc 

Now that you have all the required knowledge of Teen Patti game development, it is the right time to kick-start your project. Betfoc is an established card game development company you can trust for the same. We specialize in developing a range of card games including Teen Patti, Baccarat, Rummy, Poker, and many more. Our talented game developers will help you build feature-pact and innovative Teen Patti game apps that can get you desired success and outcomes. Reach out to our team to discuss your idea and requirement and get a perfect Teen Patti game development solution. 

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