A Guide to Develop the Best Casino Roulette Game

Invented in the 18th century, Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. Over the past few years, this popularity has increased drastically. The reason? The most obvious reason is the advancement of Internet and game development technology. People got a novel way to enjoy roulette games. They don’t need to visit casinos to play roulette. They can play it anytime, anywhere using their Smartphone, desktop, or other devices, and win a good deal of money. Keeping this convenience and perks in mind, both professional and mature players have been switching to online roulette game apps.

This growing traction entices entrepreneurs and businesses to invest in casino roulette game development. If you have been planning to enter into the online casino market or develop a game app, then developing a roulette game will be the best decision. You will not only gain a massive audience for your game but also start a profitable business with it. But, how can you develop a successful roulette game app? Where will you start from? We have created a comprehensive guide to solve all your doubts and help you create the best roulette game. 

Must-have Features for Roulette Game 

Features are the most important aspect of any casino game app leading it towards success. The more interesting and useful features your game will offer the better will be user engagement. Consider including all the crucial features mentioned below:

User Panel Features


Add a secure and easy login and registration process that will ensure a safe gameplay.

Score Comparison

Players should be able to compare their game scores with other players. This feature will boost competitive spirit in the game and encourage players to improve their game strategies.

Wheel Spinner

A wheel spinner is the most essential feature of a roulette game. Players should be able to spin the wheel without any glitch and try their luck. 


The Leadership board displays top players along with their scores, outcomes, winners, and more information. This keeps players well-informed and helps them improve their own game. 

Refer and Earn Program

Allow players to refer your game to other players or their friends and earn exciting rewards. This will get you more players, as well as help, retain existing ones. 

Achievement Badges

Offer attractive badges to the players on their game achievements at various levels. This motivates gamers to play more. 

Multiple Payment Gateways 

Having a single payment method may cause players to abandon the payment process and eventually your game app. Therefore, ensure to integrate multiple payment gateways so that players can make payments conveniently. 

Admin Panel Features

Player Management

Add a player management system for easy and efficient management of players’ activities and accounts, such as the number of participated matches, scoring, and more. 


Your roulette game app should also come with an advanced dashboard to enable seamless management of all the aspects of the game.

Game Management

Admin should be able to manage all the data and operations related to the game effortlessly.

Customer Support

Make sure your game platform has an in-built customer support module to provide players with instant and effective assistance for their queries.

Transactions Management

There should be a financial management tool that lets the admin monitor and manage all the payments and transactions. 

Additional Features

  • Social Media Sharing 
  • Push Notifications 
  • In-app Purchase
  • Live Chat 
  • Multiple Language Support 
  • Private Table 
  • Text View 

Research is the Key 

Before you start working on your roulette game idea, make sure you do complete market research. Find out your competitors, target audience, latest trends in an online casino, and other crucial aspects for preparing a robust development plan. Know what your competitors are offering to the users and what are the expectations of your target audience. This will help you develop a more powerful roulette game app that can gain you a competitive edge. 

Game Design 

Design plays a significant role in the success of any game app including a roulette game. The game design should be eye-catchy but simple. Players should be able to play the game easily without any interruption or confusion. Using too many complicated or unique design components may create confusion amongst users and make them leave the game soon. You can add intuitive design elements to keep the interface user-friendly.

Here is a list of important components of roulette you must keep in mind while designing the game. 

  • A button for spinning the wheel
  • An ImageView to display the wheel 
  • A TextView to show the result of the wheel’s spin
  • A triangle ImageView indicating the wheel’s portion that has a ball 

Technology Stack for Roulette Game App Development 

Choosing the right technology stack will make a huge difference in the development and success of your roulette game. You need to choose the best technologies and tools according to the platform you have selected. For instance, if you want to build a roulette game for Android, technologies like Node JS, Java, ROR, Laravel, Kotlin, and more will be best suitable. For iOS game development, you can consider using Objective C, Swift, ROR, Laravel, and more. To create a database you can use MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, HBase, etc. Frameworks like Vue JS, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, React JS, Bootstrap, and more can be used for front-end development. 

If you are not from a technical background or have little technical knowledge, consider discussing with experts regarding the technology stack.   

Cost to Develop a Feature-rich Roulette Game App

The cost to develop a high-performing roulette game app will depend on different factors, such as game design, the complexity of the idea, number of features, location of the developers, platform, use of advanced technologies (AR/VR, Cryptocurrency, etc.), and many more. Therefore, mentioning precise cost information will be difficult. But, you must be prepared to spend between $3000 to $20,000 to build the best roulette casino game. And to set up a complete business, you may require investing between $50,000 to $100,000, which includes marketing, staff hiring, and other expenses. 

Create an Engaging Roulette Game App with Betfoc

Developing a casino game like roulette takes a good deal of effort, knowledge, and time. Therefore, hiring an experienced game development company or developers proves to be a wise decision. Betfoc is one of the leading casino game app development companies having years of experience in providing top-grade solutions. We have proven expertise in developing feature-pact and engrossing casino games, such as poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more. Our skilled developers and designers will help you build top-quality and innovative roulette games that can win gamers’ hearts and generate excellent revenue. 

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