7 Proven Strategies to Acquire Users for Fantasy Sports App

7 Proven Strategies to Acquire Users for Fantasy Sports App

Fantasy sports is one of the fast growing markets in the sports ecosystem. It is growing in popularity as well as competition. Seeing the success of fantasy sports apps like Dream11, many entrepreneurs are investing in this fantasy sports app development, which is leading to intense competition. Therefore, it is quite challenging to attract a good deal of audience to your fantasy sports app and make it successful. However, by implementing the right strategies, you can sustain your app in this competitive market as well as outperform. But, how can you do that? What are the user acquisition strategies for fantasy sports applications? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. This blog post will provide you with the seven most effective strategies that can help you acquire, retain, and engage new users for your fantasy sports app.

1. Invite and Earn Program 

Refer and earn program is one of the most cost-effective user acquisition strategies gaining immense popularity amongst digital platforms. Unlike traditional marketing strategies, referral marketing helps cut down user acquisition costs as it uses your existing users who spread the word about your fantasy sports app. You can ask existing users of your app to invite their friends, colleagues, or family to use your fantasy sports app to earn rewards. On a successful referral, users receive bonus points or cash into their accounts. With this program, you not only gain new fantasy players but also keep current ones engaged. 

Besides being less expensive, referral marketing proves to be beneficial for increasing the social media visibility of your fantasy sports app and generating more revenue. According to a research report, companies implementing referral programs witnessed 86% revenue growth over a couple of years. 

2. Social Media Integration 

Integrating a social media sharing feature may seem a minor factor, but it can serve excellent benefits for your fantasy sports business. Allow players on your app to share their game achievements, rewards, or the latest happenings in the fantasy sports world with their social media followers/friends. This will help you to direct social media audiences to your fantasy sports app and eventually make them loyal users. 

One of the best examples of social media integration is the social media buttons you find on various web pages or blog posts. It helps the audience to share the particular content on various social media channels, hassle-free. Besides user acquisition, social media integration also helps to improve your brand awareness and reach. It also helps improve engagement with your app and thereby gain more audience on social media.

3. Integrating Advanced Technologies 

When it comes to gaming people are always keen to try out the latest technologies. The same applies to fantasy sports players. Integrating advanced technologies like Blockchain, AI, Voice Assistant, and more can help attract more players to your fantasy sports app and also improve the overall user experience. Moreover, advanced technology integration helps you get a competitive edge as very few competitors might have invested in this idea. Cryptocurrency is one of the best examples of emerging technology trends. You can develop a cryptocurrency fantasy sports app that enables players to use different cryptocurrencies in gameplay. This helps you offer a quick and highly secure transaction facility to the players, for an improved experience. 

4. Wide Assortment of Sports and Games 

Imagine your app supports only a single sport. What will be the result? It will surely attract a limited number of users who love that particular sport. Therefore, it is essential to offer all sorts of games and sports on your fantasy sports app so that you can get a huge user base. Different fantasy sports players have different choices related to sports. If they don’t find their favorite sports game on your app they will leave the app or switch to another app. From Football to Tennis to eSports to non-sports like Celebrity Leagues, your fantasy app must offer a wide assortment of options to attract users with different needs and interests. 

5. Social Media Marketing 

Dream11- the leading fantasy sports platform emphasizes social media marketing, which is resulting in the successful engagement of millions of users. This clearly states the power and importance of social media. You must include social media marketing into your campaign to boost your brand awareness and acquire a maximum user base. Make sure your social media accounts are highly active by posting interesting content on a regular basis. For instance, you can use social media to showcase leading players on your platform who have won big amounts as the first reward. You can also create short social media contests, which help you boost user engagement as well as attract new followers and turn them into players.  

6. Smart Advertising 

Way of advertising can have a crucial impact on user acquisition for your fantasy sports app. Almost half of the worlds’ population uses the Internet today. Therefore, it is wise to focus on digital or banner ads rather than traditional advertising ways. Google ads are one of the smartest advertising strategies that can get you, new players. It allows you to showcase brief advertisements and even videos about your fantasy sports app on the Internet. 

When planning the advertising campaign, you have different options, like creating attractive banners, designing landing pages, or niche advertisements. You create appealing banners that can entice users to click and download your app. You can also reach out to websites related to fantasy gaming having high domain authority for advertising purposes. This will help you reach the maximum audience within a minimum budget. 

7. Rewards and Bonuses 

Players get attracted to gaming platforms that offer exciting rewards and bonuses. When it comes to fantasy gaming apps this has proven to help acquire and retain more players. Having bonus points or rewards allocated to their accounts motivate players to stick to your app. Also, you can attract new players by offering them free sign-up bonuses. 

How can Betfoc Help?   

Most of the above strategies, such as rewards, social media integration, integration of the latest trends, etc are implemented right in the development process. This requires you to partner with experienced developers who can help you build a powerful app with the above traits. Betfoc is one of the most reliable names you can trust for this purpose. We are one of the leading fantasy sports app development companies providing innovative and high-quality solutions. Our talented team can help you develop an engaging fantasy sports app for maximum user acquisition and retention rate. 

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