7 Important Steps You Should Take Before Developing a Mobile Game App

The mobile gaming market has exploded over the past couple of years. In fact, there are nearly 2.69 billion mobile game players worldwide. Also, mobile game apps dominate the revenue of the App Store with a 66% share. Seeing this exceptional market growth, your decision to build a mobile game app will prove to be profitable. But, this can be possible only if you come up with an innovative and powerful mobile game app. For creating a successful mobile game app and ensuring its success you must emphasize some pre-development work. Here are some crucial steps you must follow before beginning the mobile game development project to gain immense success with it. 

Researching the Market Thoroughly 

Before you begin working on your game app idea, you must gain an in-depth understanding of the gaming market and your particular niche. You need to identify and understand the current trends and offerings in the market, your target audience, competitors, and other crucial aspects. You can use this information to recognize the gap your game app can fill and offer a unique and improved experience to potential gamers. 

You can explore the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to identify game apps similar to your idea. If you find similar apps you can analyze them and identify their strengths, weaknesses, strategies, and unique selling points. However, if you don’t find them, it will be a plus point for you. 

Selecting the Right Platform

Making an intelligent selection of platforms or OS can make a huge difference in the success of your mobile game app. Make sure you choose the platform carefully by considering all the crucial aspects. All the platforms, including android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry, have different counts of users and popularity. Thus, consider selecting an OS that your potential gamers use and prefer. If you want to build a game app for a single app, then native app development will be the right choice. However, if you want to expand your game app reach, then creating a game app for multiple platforms will be the best. This can be achieved through Hybrid or Cross-platform app development solutions. 

Decide Upon the Technology Stack

The next important step is to choose the most appropriate and powerful technology stack according to the platform you have chosen. Technology stack has a crucial role in making high-quality mobile game apps. Therefore, make sure you select carefully. If you have decided to go for hybrid app development, then you can use technologies like HTML 5, Javascript, CSS, etc. For developing Native apps for Android, you can use technologies like Android SDK, JAVA, or Kotlin, etc. while for iOS native game apps you can use technologies like Objective C, Swift, Xcode, Java, or PhoneGap. Apart from the platform, you must consider other aspects, like features, functionality, the complexity of the idea, etc. For instance, you may want to build a 2D/3D or AR/VR- powered game app. In this case, using Unity 3D engine will be helpful. 

Deciding the Monetization Options

Besides developing an engaging game app, you must also focus on transforming it into a profitable business. This requires you to decide upon the monetization options ahead of the development. You need to identify the most effective ways to generate profit through your game app. Here are the most popular monetization modules you can consider for making money directly from your game app. 

  • In-app Purchases: In this model, you can sell certain game items such as extra life, puzzle hint, accessories for game characters, etc. Players can purchase these items on your app only. This not only helps you earn good revenue but also boosts the overall gaming experience. 
  • In-app Ads: This is one of the affordable yet proven ways to make money through your game app. You can include paid ads in the app. However, make sure you don’t compromise the user experience for additional ad space.
  • Freemium: You can allow users to download your game app free of cost, but can charge for certain content or features that users won’t mind spending money on. 
  • Premium: If you are sure about the high-quality of your gaming content and idea, you consider a premium option. Users need to pay to download and use your game app. 
  • Subscriptions: This is quite similar to the freemium model, but can help you generate a good stream of profit.
  • Sponsorship: Once you gain a huge user base, you can partner with renowned brands and advertisers who can pay for user actions or sponsor your app.

Decide Upon Marketing and Promotion Strategies 

Apart from monetization strategies, you must also focus on marketing and promotion strategies to gain maximum success with your app. Planning marketing strategies ahead of the development will help you generate buzz around your game app even before its launch. There are several ways you can market your game app effectively such as branding, content marketing, App Store Optimization(ASO), influencer marketing, email marketing, and more. This will help you increase downloads, user engagement, and ultimately outperform the competition. 

Selecting a Reliable Mobile Game Development Company

The quality and success of your game app will highly depend on the developers or the game development company you hire. As mobile game development is a big investment, you must be extra careful with your every decision. Make sure you choose the most reliable game app development company that can help you make the most out of your investment. Here are some crucial aspects you need to consider when searching for a game development company. 

  • Experience
  • Technology Expertise
  • Portfolio
  • Reviews
  • Support and Maintenance 
  • Marketing Assistance 
  • Game Developers and Designers 
  • Turnaround Time 
  • Project Confidentiality and Security
  • Cost

Ensure to inspect all the above points before making a final decision.

Creating a Minimum Viable Product 

The best way to ensure the success of your game app idea is to build and launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It will be a basic version of your game app with a few important features. MVPs mostly act as beta testers allowing you to understand the performance of your game apps. This saves you from making wrong decisions and launching a flawless, high-performing game application that can engage a massive audience. 

How can Betfoc be Helpful in Your Mobile Game Development Project? 

It is great if you have a unique game app idea in mind. However, this will not be enough to start a profitable game business. By following all the above steps, you can not only transform your idea into reality, but also start a lucrative venture. Betfoc, being one of the leading mobile game development companies, can be of great help in your journey. We are renowned for developing interactive and dynamic game apps for Android, iOS, and Web. We develop game apps for various genres, such as casinos, board games, eSports, card games, and more. We are experienced in providing industry-leading Unity 3D game development solutions based on clients’ unique ideas and requirements. 

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