10 Key Features To Level-up Your Online Casino Software

10 Key Features To Level-up Your Online Casino Software

No doubt, the online gambling market is growing dramatically and there are numerous business opportunities to grab in this area. But, how can we forget the increasing competition? Your decision to start an online casino business is absolutely lucrative and wise. However, to survive in the increasing competition and attain immense success, you must come up with the next level and highest quality casino software.

An online casino platform with basic or fewer features won’t get you enough traction. It is essential to stay abreast of the latest casino app development trends and advanced features and incorporate the same into your software. Having more and exciting features attracts players’ interest and helps them keep for a long time. 

Being a leading casino software development company, we are well-acquainted with all the promising features and are experts in integrating the same. We have decided to introduce you to these key features that can take your casino business to the next level.  

1. Cryptocurrency Payment

Cryptocurrency offers excellent benefits such as improved privacy, added security, fast payouts, low fees, and larger bonuses. Due to all such perks, more and more players prefer using cryptocurrency when playing casino games. In fact, cryptocurrency payment has been becoming one of the most popular payment methods for online casinos today. Therefore, to survive this crypto-powered gambling industry, your online casino must facilitate users to make payments using cryptocurrency. 

Your software should support all the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, etc. so that users can perform seamless and fast transactions while ensuring better safety. With this cryptocurrency payment method, you can improve the credibility of your business and attract more players to your platform. 

2. Live Chat and Messaging

Live chat or messaging is the proven and trending strategy for achieving maximum player engagement and retention rate. You can entice players to stay on your platform and play more, by facilitating them to chat with their friends and family in real-time. With a live chat feature, players can discuss their gameplay strategies, their achievements, and a lot more, while playing the casino game on the same platform. This feature boosts game fun and encourages players to keep coming back. 

3. Wide Collection of Casino Games

Different casino players have different choices about casino games. While some may like playing poker, others may prefer Blackjack or Baccarat. In order to attract and keep all sorts of players, you must offer a wide variety of casino games on your software. You must ask the casino game development company to include several popular games such as Slots, Bingo, Poker, Baccarat, Rummy, Roulette, and more. A software with a big collection of games provides users with an unmatched gaming experience and can get you a huge ROI. 

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4. VR-Powered Casino Games

Advanced technologies like AR/VR have a great, positive impact on the iGaming industry. VR-powered games are capable of engaging a massive number of players and keep them hooked for a long period. Also, by using virtual reality technology you can offer an unmatched and real-time casino experience to the players. Moreover, adopting emerging technologies like this can help you outperform the competition. 

5. Anti-Fraud Module

Security is one of the common issues with most online casinos today. Lack of security measures may put users and their data at high risk. If you want to boost the credibility of your platform and so is trust amongst the players, ensure to add security features like anti-fraud modules. It helps you safeguard the software and its users from suspicious activities or cyber-attacks. The more secure your online casino is, the more players will trust and use it. 

6. Risk Management

Risk management is another excellent security measure you must include in your online casino software for improved security. With a robust risk management module, you can monitor and fix the risks that occur on your software. This ensures a secure gaming environment for players. 

7. Loyalty and Referral Bonus

Loyalty and referral bonus programs are the most effective strategies for retaining existing players and attracting new ones. Your software must have a program that will reward players for their loyalty and achievements. Players should be rewarded with certain points whenever they bet real money on a game or win the game. 

Also, there must be a referral bonus system that will reward players for referring your casino platform to their friends or family. A referral bonus system not only helps you get more players but also helps to keep existing ones. 

8. Random Number Generator

Lack of fairness of the gameplay is another most common issue in online casinos, which makes players abandon the platform too soon. If you don’t want a high or any abandon rate for your online casino, ensure to integrate a random number generator. This helps you ensure maximum gameplay fairness and eventually boost trust amongst the players. 

9. Multiple Language and Currency Support

If you are willing to attract players from different regions across the world, make sure your casino software supports multiple languages and currencies. Users from different geographical regions or countries should be able to access the platform in their preferred language. Also, they should be able to choose their preferred currency and person transactions seamlessly. If your platform doesn’t support multiple languages and currencies, you may miss out on a considerable number of potential users. You must pay attention to this feature, for maximum expansion and success of your online casino business.

10. Intuitive yet Attractive UI

UI design plays a crucial role in attracting players to your platform and also retaining them. Your casino software should have an engaging UI that can draw users’ attention and interest within a first visit only. This doesn’t mean you have to use a lot of unique components and come up with something uncommon. A complex UI with unique design elements may confuse users and make them leave the platform. Make sure the UI should be simple and intuitive enough so that users can perform actions seamlessly. 

Want to Develop a Feature-rich Online Casino Software?  

By implementing all the above features into your online casino software, you can attain great success with your business. Some of the above features like VR games may seem difficult to implement. However, an experienced casino game development or software development team can help you make it possible while ensuring the highest quality and performance of the software. Betfoc is one of the reliable names you can consider for this purpose. We have a team of talented professionals who have proven experience in developing and delivering feature-rich, robust casino software and apps. Let us know what features are lacking in your software or if you have new ideas to implement. We are eager to assist you with industry-leading solutions.   

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